Jack…no warm, group hugs between Progressives…*sigh*

Why does Layton dislike Liberals? It seems almost forced, this dislike. You can see this dislike on his face in this interview he does with a blogging Tory. I certainly don’t feel the same way about Jack and the NDP bunch…what’s not too like? Policy wise our perspectives usually are more similar than different.

It’s maddening. Here I have been dreaming of an NDP/Liberal/Green unity coalition and Jack can’t seem to get beyond the idea that progressive’s should focus on bashing each other rather than working together. All the while Mr. Harper giggles in a corner scheming, and slandering all the way to another Minority (or heaven help us a Majority).

Today Chantal Hébert of the Toronto Star talks about the concept of a coalition on the left, cognisant of the fact (as we all are) that without some unification on the left, the Conservatives will continue to control the government and the agenda.

If the mathematics of the 2006 election add up to any new equation, it is not the zero-sum game of the NDP winning a war of attrition against the Liberals any time soon, but the potential multiplication of progressive momentum if the two merge into a single, reconfigured party. The very idea is anathema to many New Democrats.

Much as the Tories used to decry any rapprochement with the Reform/Alliance, New Democrats proclaim that coming together with the Liberals would narrow rather than expand voters’ choices. The NDP brand of idealism, they say, would be diluted by crass Liberal pragmatism. And yet. …

The successful New Democrat governments of Western Canada – where the base of the federal NDP is currently located – are much closer in their approach to the federal Liberals than to their federal cousins. The differences between a New Democrat premier like Gary Doer in Manitoba, a Liberal like Jean Charest in Quebec and a Progressive Conservative like Bernard Lord in New Brunswick have more to do with style than substance.

I wonder if Layton will begin to aim his vinegar at the Greens instead if they get ahead of him in the polls? I guess I have to reconsider my point of view on the coalition thing. So much for living in my little fantasy world where we work together to do what’s best for progressive Canadians. In answer to Layton’s ponderings in his new book, I believe that Canadians don’t abandon the Liberals because overall Canadians are a lot closer to the centre than Jack wants to believe. Elizabeth May seems to be more open, and willing to work together, perhaps that’s why the Greens are gaining on the NDP in the polls.


4 thoughts on “Jack…no warm, group hugs between Progressives…*sigh*

  1. saskboy says:

    I agree, the NDP silliness about attacking the Liberals more than the Conservatives is pure pettiness. It’s related to our outdated First Past the Post electoral system, and since the NDP is supposedly in favour of PR, it’d be nice to see them actually acting like it.

  2. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    PR is the way to got for sure Saskboy. It was kind of wierd when I saw that video because until then I just always thought it was politics and games but after seeing Jack’s face I thought…wow..maybe its more than that. I can’t understand how he thinks supporting the Conservatives is going to help him. It’s going to get harder and harder (not easier) to implement the kind of policies Jack advocates for in a right wing environment.

  3. mushroom says:

    Jack will use these slogans to justify for his co-operation with Harper:

    “Making Parliament Work”

    “Getting Results for People”

    Look at how bland and non-ideological these slogans are. When Stephane runs a social activist campaign in the next election, where will Jack go, retirement into Trinity-Spadina?

  4. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    I hope he doesn’t go over board on the social activisim though. There is a very fine balance. Sorry for keeping your comment in moderation mushroom. I didn’t notice the flashing review comments sign….poor excuse I know. Jack cannot be ignorant enough to believe if Harper gets a majority that the NDP will have the much say in the Country’s agenda. Does Jack not remember what the current Conservative (reform) party did to their fellow progressive conservatives to take control of their party? I don’t believe there are any scruples there at all. They will do and say anything to win. My family were strong supportive of the progressive conservative party when I was young.
    I think they will reverse Same Sex marriage as soon as they get a majority. Heck they tried it with a minority when it had no shot of passing.

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