The Case for a Rally around a Useless Bill

It is interesting to see this article in the New Republic “No Rush on Global Warming” which was recently bought by the right leaning Canadian media group CanWest.

“The only piece that has a chance of surviving a GOP filibuster and Bush veto is one sponsored by New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman. His bill would implement a cap-and-trade regime, setting a national limit on carbon emissions and allowing companies to buy and sell pollution credits — a system that worked with acid-rain legislation in the 1990s. But Bingaman’s proposal includes “safety valves” that give companies an out, and it doesn’t reduce emissions quickly enough. Unfortunately, stronger bills — such as one sponsored by John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Barack Obama — stand almost no chance, even with the current Democratic majority”

President Bush, despite his recent shift in rhetoric, still opposes mandatory reductions in emissions. Overall it appears we will have to wait until Democrat’s win the White House before there can be any real action on the environment. I guess if the Dems don’t win in 2008 the only course of action will be to kiss our collective butts goodbye.


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