Boisclair, Stronach, Bains, Goodale, Lucienne & Scraping it Off

Boisclair shows emotion over homophobic attacks. I was horrified to see this particular issue brought up at all during the Quebec campaign. I thought Canadian society was moving beyond ridiculous G/L/B/T hysteria. Although not perfect, (few of us actually are) Boisclair is trying to serve the people of Quebec through public service. I think he’s been quite brave in taking on the job, willing to put up with the homophobic nutters who are constantly lurking seeking to overturn hard earned rights. CTV quotes Boisclair:

We must never live in a society where racism, intolerance, discrimination, sexism or homophobia are ….” Boisclair said before breaking off for a minute to compose himself.

It’s not your imagination; the low down dirty, smearing has increased since we all fell under the influence of “Canada’s New Government” The usual polite but aggressive demeanor in our parliament and politics has descended into a Harper driven “Lord of the Flies” mentality where accusations and stories are made up to ensure upheaval and chaos are the order of the day. An excellent strategy for ensuring a leader never has to answer for anything.

Harper has set a bad example for this parliament as the leader and Prime Minster of our Country; he has made slurs and accusations the everyday norm. The Conservative game plan appears to be smear as fast as you can and don’t look back. Our political discourse is changing and not for the better. Our government is dragging politics as a whole into the depths of public contempt by refusing to apologize for even the most base uncalled for name-calling. It makes you wonder what could be said that might actually make them feel sheepish enough to apologize.

Today we have this intersting interview from “View from the Left” with Green Party leader Elizabeth May where she is quoted saying:

Specifically in politics, there is a very hostile atmosphere towards women in the House, which I see every day from the diplomatic gallery. Peter Milikan actually arranged for me to have a special spot in the diplomatic gallery, which was very nice of him and acknowledges the rising importance of the Green Party. From this spot I see women heckled during question period in a way that can only be described as sexist, which is very distressing for a feminist, and I am one.

Good luck to all the parties trying to get more women to run… even if you offer the world you’re in for a challenge and its not getting any easier thanks to “Canada’s New Government”.


5 thoughts on “Boisclair, Stronach, Bains, Goodale, Lucienne & Scraping it Off

  1. Clown Party of Canada says:

    “From this spot I see women heckled during question period in a way that can only be described as sexist, which is very distressing for a feminist, and I am one.”

    The problem is that ALL – not just women – are heckled. Watching CPAC is very disturbing for the yelling that goes on during a debate is appalling. If schools started acting like out like our representatives they would be kicked out of the debating team for showing NO respect. It has been going on for over 100 years, I have seen all parties trying to answer a question, and then finally sit down because their answer could not be heard even if they tried.

    As for the Green Party, it is going to interesting if; again, they are left out of the National televised debate. That would be worthy of outcry. This is an emerging political party, they have support, and if the Conservative, LIEberal, and NDP refuse to debate them publically, they are no better than displaying their disrespect for all Canadian views that oppose theirs.

    “Good luck to all the parties trying to get more women to run…”

    The LIEberals under DeYawn want to parachute women into ridings with out consulting the grassroots, if the grassroots want the person or not, this is scary. I predict that the LIEberals will do this in several ridings that he knows they will loose, or for those who did not follow the party line, and after the election cry to the winning party, they are sexist. Ifa woman wants to run it should be under the same process as we presently have. There are some women that would make excellent politicians in ALL parties, they deserve a chance to run or be nominated just as a man would. It cheapens the process if they are parachuted in and in my view very demeaning to qualified women who want to be in government. Even if there was an all women parliament, the heckling will still happen.

    “…its not getting any easier thanks to “Canada’s New Government”.

    It was not easy under the LIEberal government either. Look at the way the LIEberals treated women in the past – such as calling the female Reform Party MP a pig – and not apologizing. The LIEberals give it out as much as the present government. Is it wrong, yes. Blame it on the new Government, no. This has happened in the past – for both men and women – and sadly will continue until the yelling stops during question period. All parties act worse than spoiled children having a tantrum. I guess if there is no yelling in a civil debate, then ALL parties must feel left out, because “my” party is louder than “yours.”

  2. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    I agree with you on the conduct in parliament. Wouldn’t it be nice if people were required to respond to questions put to them? Or they could say I will look into that and get back to you..but still they get back to you and we would get an answer. From what I can see questions are often never answered instead another question changing the topic is usually thrown back.

    I actually don’t agree with parachuting in women without consulting a communities grassroots first. If the locals are unhappy with their candidate they are not going to step up to the plate and volunteer for them or donate money. It makes it that much tougher to get elected when an election is called.

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