Dion’s Excellent Adventure

Dion is off on an whirlwind tour to bring his progressive message to Canadians. During a visit to Dartmouth, Dion promised to tackle child poverty, reform the Canada Pension Plan, restore a national child-care plan and put money back into social programs the Conservatives have cut. An early learning and child care plan for Canada is going certainly going to be a key policy position of the Liberal’s in the next election campaign. A quote from today’s Chronicle Herald states:

Mr. Dion said if it becomes clear that there won’t be an election this spring, he may give Canadians a sneak peek at the platform anyway.

“Maybe we should publish a kind of white paper instead of a platform for Canadians, to know more what we want to do,” he said, adding that he would want to save some measures for the next campaign.

I can understand the dilema. Canadians want to know what Dion’s about but how can they know if there are no policies to refer too? If he releases the Liberal policy platform early to provide a concrete comparison to Conservative ideas, he gives away his advantage and provides the Conservatives with plenty of lead time to produce a counter strategy against the platform. Harper never released his platform until the first day of the election campaign and we all know that was a winning strategy for the Conservatives.

Canada has become a rich country under Liberal management and this is because they place equal importance on three issues: tax cuts, key social programs that increase productivity and debt repayment. This approach contrasts sharply with the Conservatives who are about tax cuts, debt repayment and cutting social programs. These are the key differences between the Cons and the Libs and the reason I have consistently voted for the Liberal party.


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