Vote for Quality News at USA Today

I would like to recommend checking out the new USA Today news website. I spent some time there this morning after hearing about it on CBC. The new format allows readers to recommend news articles by voting on the stories. Now I have been to USA today before and found their highlighted news stories to be mostly fluff, but already I can see that serious news stories like Bombings in Iraq, shootings in Afghanistan are the #1 news stories on the website. I was so impressed by the huge change I added them to my Best News Bets roll today. I think the obvious immediate change to the look and feel of that site shows that people have not been thrilled by much of the drivel and bias that has been masquerading as news all these years. Giving citizens some control of their news is a good way to keep media conglomerates honest, relevant and answerable to their readers.

I certainly have extensive complaints about the bias that exists in our Canadian media through the mass media conglomerates like CanWest that serve British Columbians a steady diet of conservative drivel and spin that masquerades as news. Mostly I am angry that CanWest owns almost all of our news media which provides British Colombians with little alternative to the right wing slant in our local news. Over and over we read completely biased, ridiculously spun news articles that favour the ideological views of the newspaper owners. It will be interesting to see if we get less Paris Hilton and more hard news if this new format becomes a trend for other news websites. If the result is we wind up with more Paris, well I for one will be very disappointed.


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