Quebec’s right is still pretty left

Today I read this article at about this supposed giant shift that has occurred in quebec.jpgQuebec because all three main provincial parties are running candidates who are “right” of centre. Horrors…. I am glad the author pointed it out because I had not realized that a province that already has a universal child care program with all three candidates supporting the big dollars going into that system was “right”. It still seems pretty “left” to me at least in some of the areas I really care about.

I mean here we have Dumont echoing a slightly different, but mostly similar Harper refrain of a child bonus of $100 a week for stay at home parents who don’t work…..for diapers though…no beer or popcorn. Somehow Dumont is forgetting the “really offensive right” Harper piece where he achieves this payment by taking the money away from parents who work and use child care programs. The Harper approach is different…..just subtract from this side and voila, we’re there….all paid for. I never once heard Dumont say he was going to cut child care funding one bit. In fact, in the article he complains the funding Charest has provided is too low.

I making this comparison to us poor Westerners east of Quebec who still have a lousy system of child care and early learning with dire shortages of care occurring and parents paying up to $900-$1000 dollars a month for under 3 care in cities. Yes, I think the author forgets the social programs that Quebec has that the rest of us don’t. I would say these candidates don’t need to campaign as left because there are already many supposedly “left” programs that are integrated into their economy and culture. I know, I am jealous and it’s showing.


12 thoughts on “Quebec’s right is still pretty left

  1. mushroom says:

    Well, I would not call Dumont left at all. He is right wing by European standards.

    In European countries such as France and Ireland, right wing governments have implemented policies such as homemaker’s allowance and income splitting. These policies are designed to encourage childbirth and provide an incentive for women to leave the workforce.

    The traditional left wing outside of Quebec has linked the empowerment for women as fighting for their equitable stake in the workforce. Therefore, any policies that are friendly for stay at home moms are given reactionary labels.

  2. mushroom says:

    As an addendum, I will point out that most European states do have private health care clinics. Patients are free to visit them and will be subsidized under mandatory health insurance plans required to be purchased by law or by the government. Thus, 20 per cent of the cost is out of pocket. It is not free at the point of delivery as stipulated by the Canada Health Act.

    Harper may use a possible ADQ victory to water down the Canada Health Act, as Dumont has spoken openly of allowing more private health clinics. For me, the worst two tier health care system is the one established in the UK. Private clinics there are too expensive for the majority of the population, since the government has no incentive to help them while funding the bureaucratic National Health Service.

  3. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    He does seem right on many issues but again right left appears to be slightly different in Quebec versus the rest of least in some issues.
    I see nothing wrong with encouraging child birth or women leaving the work force to raise children. I just don’t think that a woman who decides to keep working when she has children or wants to use her time attend classes should be penalized because she can’t afford or even find child care.
    There is a birth gap in this country for women. If you ask women in their 20’s how many children they would like to have ideally, the number of children they indicate is much higher than the number that is actually realized. Fertility and birth rates continue to drop. If women don’t want children fine…don’t have them, I have nothing against this. But for those Canadian women who do want families, they should be able to have the number of children they want and maintain their careers, attend school or stay home if that is their choosing.

  4. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    I agree mushroom. An a huge piece of the problem is a shortage of Doctors. Opening more private clinics is not going to make more Doctors magically appear in our population. The supply is limited. I honestly think those private health care proponents think we are stupid and can’t see this.
    Same as setting benchmarks. Setting benchmarks will not make more Doctors appear to conduct more surgeries…no those Doctors will come from pulling them off of other surgeries. So the waiting lists just grow on the surgeries that don’t have national benchmarks attached to them.

  5. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    I wanted to add a comment on your blog mushroom but i am not an iblogger so I can’t post comments. I did want to say on your harm reduction post ….I think its a good idea but whether it should be brought up before an election well…i think city folk and rural folk might have a different take on the issue. If your living in a small town and your streets are not crawling with drug addicts like in East Van..well it might be a harder sell. What about meth…so many of the addicts you see now are meth addicts. Are you just referring to a take home prescription or a safe injection site? Cause I think the first would be easier than the other….It’s possible though. I had saved the link to this paper, I thought it was pretty good.
    I hope you come back to see this and for everyone else who might read this I apologize for the interruption in the Quebec topic. Check out mushrooms post though.

  6. mushroom says:

    Mile O,

    It needs to be taken at a safe injection site. The key is to regulate the amount of heroin taken by the addict so that the individual can live profitable lives. And not anybody can qualify for prescription heroin dispensation. These individuals must be subjected to extensive detoxification programs. Methadone will be the first choice of the dispensable drugs offered. Of all the Anglo related countries, Sydney has a program which is similar to the one I proposed.

    Dion and other leadership contenders are critical of Harper possibly cutting funding for the harm reduction program in Vancouver. Demanding the extension of the harm reduction program with strict controls is what I am supporting because I have seen its positive effects in while working in Europe.

    I heard that Victoria has developed a reputation as the crystal meth capital of Canada. This is unfortunate but meth is easy to produce and available cheaply. Its usage among young people is similar to pot, but the effects are by far more drastic IMO.

  7. mushroom says:

    I will also point out that the declining birth rate in Canada needs to be considered along with the number of immigrants entering. Canada will have no problems facing work shortage. When politicians such as Dumont, Lucien Bouchard, and Bernard Landry talk about it, they seem to create the impression that Quebec is being swamped by the visible minority francophonie (immigrants from North Africa). If Harper and the writers of the National Post want to be alarmist on this issue, be my guest. It will give me as a Liberal cadre more ammunition on the campagin trail.

  8. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Heck I think the last poll I saw said 50 percent of all people in BC have either tried pot or smoke it currently. Meth addicts can barely function. You don’t see pot addicts begging in the streets..its the alcoholics, meth addicts, crack users and heroin users.

  9. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    While I do believe in immigration I also believe in putting policies in place that will allow Canadian women to have the families they desire. …whether that is one child, two or more. I know women in Victoria who are spacing their children out 5 years apart because they can’t afford to have two children in full time daycare at the same time. That’s just crazy when you think about it.

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