The Libs Play it Safe For Bob Rae

bob-rae.jpgIf you have read any of my previous diary postings at Progressive Bloggers you will know I am a big Bob Rae supporter and I voted for him during the Liberal leadership campaign. Last night we learned that Bob Rae will run in Toronto Centre, Ontario. I admit when I first heard this I was somewhat confused and disappointed. I think Bob Rae could win an NDP held seat easily and I would have liked to see his star power used to pick up another seat. We need a net gain in seats, not just to maintain the status quo.

Then I read the John Lennard Experience blog and I saw a comment that said the reason Bob Rae may be running in the safe seat is because the Liberal’s need him so badly in parliament. If the seat was not safe the Liberals would have to throw a whole bunch of money at the riding to ensure he wins it. I have doubts that it would require a ton of money and effort for Rae to win in a NDP held seat, but suppose I can go along with this argument. I think Bob Rae has enough charisma, charm and smarts to win an NDP riding pretty easily. His campaign would easily garner a good deal of media attention no matter where he chose to run. Nonetheless, I am very pleased he will be on the Liberal benches after the next election.

So where are the Liberal stars east of Ontario? Are they are all going to run in Ontario? Is this a good idea? What about someone to bring up the reinforcements on the Western Front?


4 thoughts on “The Libs Play it Safe For Bob Rae

  1. mushroom says:

    Do you consider Justin Trudeau a star in Quebec? Louise Arbour has been approached by the Liberals to run in Montreal. Whether someone who had been a Supreme Court Justice in Canada should sit in the House of Commons is a question I can’t answer. Don’t think she needs the partisan bickering present in the House of Commons.

    Out west, in BC there is possibly Christy Clark and Joyce Murray, both from the Campbell government. Murray is running for the nomination in Quadra. David Orchard is thinking of running in Prince Albert in Saskatchewan for the Liberals. This is about it.

  2. Steve V says:

    I’m not really buying that argument about wasting resources on Rae, if he were to run in a tough seat. For the reasons you already mentioned, plus the media attention the race would surely bring, Rae doesn’t need help from anyone. As a matter of fact, who better to take on an NDP riding than a former NDP premier. Plus, the added bonus of allowing a woman to run for Graham’s seat, and a particularly strong one at that. I don’t like the whole scenario, playing safe is for losers.

    BTW, nice to see your blog 🙂 I’ll add to my blogroll, for what it’s worth.

  3. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Thank you very much for the ad to your roll Steve V. I am still new to this maintain your own blog thing and didn’t pay attention to the moderate comments area. I am wondering if I should take that off? I won’t let it happen again anyways.
    Rae could have won another seat easily but maybe it was what he wanted more than anything. Perhaps they feel they can pull in more donations to the party from that area with Bob Rae running there. Either that or he just likes it there and feels most at home. I guess when you come in 3rd but are the most popular Liberal in the opinion of the public (as the polls showed during the leadersship race) you get a lot of say in what you want.

  4. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Christy Clark and Joyce would be excellent. I still think we still need a really big name though. Louise would be a shoe-in.
    I do think Justin Trudeau is considered a star. Did you see how much press he can pull off with an announcement? Yes I definitely think he is a star mushroom.
    Maybe we could convince Rick Mercer to quit his day job…ha ha

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