Rae and Dion Play Tag Team With The Media

The awesome Liberal tag team of Rae and Dion whipped up some excitement today and begin to hit back at the Harper/Cons by engaging with the media and tagteam2.jpgannouncing some general policy directions. Dion released pieces of the Liberal platform that included cuts to personal income taxes, more funding for education, more aggressive overseas trade, and more investment in innovation and research.

Increasing our trade overseas would contrast with Harper who prefers to berate rather than develop new trade with countries like China and India. It’s interesting that Harper has nothing but kind words for Bush and his war mongering ways. I have never heard Harper say anything about all the dead civilians in Iraq. I think we would be wise not to put all of our eggs into one American/Canadian trade basket.

Dion also took the opportunity to warn Canadians to not be complacent about the economy.

Canadians should not have a false sense of security because the economy is doing well, said Dion, it still faces serious challenges such as the threat posed by thriving markets in places like India and China.

No kidding. Dion doesn’t even mention our cousins to the south who are gaily spending borrowed money like there’s no tomorrow. Our economies are unfortunately inextricably tied. If the US buckles we are going to feel it pretty hard up here.

Neil Macdonald of CBC writes

“The war in Iraq costs $2 billion a week. But this hardly seems like a nation at war. The good times roll on, with no sacrifice evident anywhere, except of course in those families who have lost sons or daughters.

The Dem’s Pelosi announced a new plan called “get out of Iraq before the end of 2008” but they couldn’t even censure Bush in their last attempt so I am less than hopeful of this new plan. So far the Bush response has a familiar ring. MSNBC reports House Republican Leader John Boehner said,

“the Democrats were proposing legislation that amounted to “establishing and telegraphing to our enemy a timetable” that would result in failure of the U.S. military mission in Iraq.

So it appears the war in Iraq will either:

  1. go on forever (because they aren’t going to win),
  2. go on until the US goes bust,
  3. go on until the Democrats get their man/woman in the White House.

According to Neil it’s the “greys” or incoming retiring baby boomers who are going to be the big losers. Who can forget the pain Canada had to go through in the 90’s to bring its debt down to manageable levels? I certainly can’t.


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