Big Oil Gets a Handout and The Sun Has Gone All Funky Up North

sun1.jpgToday Harper announced that he was giving 155.9 million dollars of Canadian tax payer money to Alberta’s Big Oil to conduct a study on capturing and storing carbon dioxide emissions. I wonder if this is because big oil’s profits are down a few billion from the last year? Overall, I find it difficult to whip up a tear for big oil and I have even less confidence in the process after learning from Stolen Moments in Time’s blog that they picked Steve Snyder, a chief executive who operates coal fired plants in Alberta, to head the task force.

The Galloping Beaver poses some very interesting questions we should consider around the possible reasons for this handout. Why does Harper think he needs to pay Big Oil to do a study? Just tell them to do the study and that’s that. Could he be worried that Big Oil won’t contribute to his next campaign run?

The private ownership of oil in Canada stands in stark contrast to the Mexican system. Today the New York Times reported Mexico is facing a heap of trouble as oil supply begins to dwindle.

Mexico is the second-largest supplier of imported oil to the United States, after Canada, but its total exports are slipping.

Oil output has a direct, immediate effect on the people because the government maintains ownership over oil in Mexico, it is not privatized like the Canadian system. This has a direct effect on the budget and the people through programs and services Check the money for the budget and the profits from big oil. Sales from oil reached 97 billion but 79 billion of that went to the Mexican budget. This represents 40% of their federal budget; a worrisome situation for sure.

Meanwhile, the CBC reports that the people closest to the direct effects of the global warming phenomenon, the Inuit in Nunavut, are a bit freaked out
because the sun came up 2 months earlier this year and no one can say for sure what’s going on.

Igloolik Mayor Paul Quassa said,

“This year, the sun started coming up so fast that it’s almost like April when it’s mid-February,” he said.

Their going to conduct a study but the science guys are already saying its probably global warming.

PS: Did anyone hear anything about the price of chicken rising? Holy smokes it was expensive today.



12 thoughts on “Big Oil Gets a Handout and The Sun Has Gone All Funky Up North

  1. timethief says:

    I’ve just done another article on this same topic. My relatives in Alberta are shaking their heads. If this is the made in Canada plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it’s a pity.

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