School’s Crampin the Bloggin and Read my Mind Darwin’s Awesome

caveman.jpgSorry I have not blogged in a few days but I have a few papers due that simply could not be ignored. If anyone reading my blog loves Darwin, I highly recommend this article I found at MSNBC yesterday called, The New Science of Evolution: Beyond Sticks and Bones. There is still so much more to learn about evolution, that it boggles the mind to think about it. In addition, there is a great article at the New York times called the Brain on the Stand. The article discusses machines of the future that will try to read our minds by mapping the regions of the brain with brain activity. What about impulsively, brain plasticity and learning/developmental disabilities? Overall it sounds like a pretty difficult task to get right for everyone.

I am considering my final topic for a paper that will come due in April It’s a big one and it might be easier to build on another paper. If I was to going all out and pick a new topic….I was pondering a constructivist learning perspective on youth substance abuse treatment or infant development programs, but I keep thinking maybe I should build on some previous research. Hard decision. Must decide quickly.


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