Dion Offers Solutions to Canada’s Phishy problem


spam1.jpgToday I read this policy promise from Dion to protect us from phishy spam. CBC reports,
Dion would also introduce anti-spam rules, because it is often used to trick consumers into revealing personal details that can then be used to steal their identities.

I agree that something should be done about phishing. The problem is pervasive and those emails from the Royal Bank, CIBC, Desjardins (yah.. never had an account at DesJardins so that one was really obvious) they all look pretty real to me. All basically have the same message…”there has been a security violation of your account, please log into your account right now and give us all your secret information.”

To be honest I have never been fooled by one of these phishing emails yet and I have never attempted to visit one either, but then I consider myself pretty computer savvy and difficult to fool. I can receive up to 5 fake phishing emails a week. I wonder about those not as savvy? Do we wait until phishing goes to the next level and they find a way to fool me too?

The CBC also said,

Some of Dion’s proposals were leaked Tuesday, and have been characterized as an effort to appear tougher on crime to offset the Conservative’s apparent advantage in that area

Wasn’t it Harper and his gang that wanted to do away with the gun registry? That doesn’t sound like a very tough law and order agenda to me. Exactly why do the Cons have an advantage here?


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