Liberal Candidates for Victoria? anyone?

I recently received an email from the Liberal Party that said:

liberal.jpgNOTICE is hereby given of a meeting of the Victoria Electoral District Association to nominate a Candidate for the upcoming Federal Election.

Time: March 25, 2:00pm

Shouldn’t there be more information with this? Like who the Candidates are? I do know that Briony Penn is running as a candidate in Gulf Islands/Saanich because that’s all over the news. I have a lot less information about what’s happening in Victoria.

I did receive a confusing email from the Victoria Liberal Riding Association on March 10th, that indicated a candidate found by the the search committtee, Mike Mulligan, had quit before he even got started. Basically the rest of the email explained that Anne Park Shannon is probably going to run and that’s about it. Not a great turn out of candidates. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be. David Anderson held this riding for many years and the NDP, only just this last election, snatched it away.

So we’ve got Anne and 10 days.. and no idea if anyone else is running… interesting.

PS: Check out this new species of Leopard found in Sumatra and Borneo…amazing!!!


4 thoughts on “Liberal Candidates for Victoria? anyone?

  1. CastorRouge says:

    As someone living in a contested riding part of the problem listing declared candidates is that more may come into the race or one might drop out and then someone could make a case about fairness, etc.

    By the way, what’s up with this “Electoral District Association” stuff? I noticed the Tories in my area started doing this. Whatever happened to Constituency or Riding Associations? EDA’s sound so clinical and imported from down south. Let’s keep it parliamentary sounding, eh?

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