Low Down Dirty Budget Parlour Tricks

trick.jpgToday I kept an eye on the live budget blogging at the Tyee and found it quite amusing. What I did not find quite as funny was the $250 million “give” to child care with one hand while removing 1 billion dollars for child care with the other.

Yes..once again for the second consecutive, Conservative budget, Canadian children and families were treated to a kick to the curb. If your really poor or Aboriginal you also got screwed over in this budget. Cowboys for Social Responsibility reports that the Vancouver Board of Trade is issuing a C+ for the budget and overall there a many unhappy British Columbians today. CanWest reports,

B.C. Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe criticized the budget Monday, saying the federal government focused on Quebec and didn’t contribute enough to B.C.’s Asia-Pacific Gateway initiative aimed at improving transportation infrastructure linking Canada to booming Asian markets.

A summary of the letter distributed to the media today defends the government’s decision to strike a new formula for the equalization plan that benefits Quebec in particular.

I have never seen a government spend so much while accomplishing so little towards increasing Canadian productivity. Relentlessly Progressive Economics reports,

Increased transfers to provincial governments may serve important public purposes, but the Budget’s general thrust is to reduce the proportion of Canada’s economic resources devoted to such purposes

Budget 2007 projects surpluses of $9.2 billion for 2006-07, $3.3 billion for 2007-08 and $3.0 billion for 2008-09

What is obvious about this budget is its lack of focus (cept maybe the military) and absence of meaningful planning. I think this is to be expected, when you build a budget based on buying votes rather than on what you really believe in. Building on what you believe in is called “vision” and the lack of it totally shows in the final results today. No wonder our productivity levels are expected to nose dive again next year. The Cons are going to get a second year to continue messing it up. Thumbs up to the Liberals and the NDP who nixed the budget.

PS: I think it is really interesting that the first thing Dion says about the budget is there is not enough in it for Quebec, but Duceppe and Boisclair appear to think it is enough……I wonder who’s right here?


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