But When They Got There, the Fiscal Cupboard was Bare…

j0401865.jpgAccording to Far and Wide’s post today, Steve doesn’t think the budget is enough to get the Cons a majority. I agree with him on this, but does it matter if Harper continues to hand over the store to Quebec and the Bloc keeps the Cons in power for another 3 years? I suppose the likelihood of this happening is pretty small because Harper and the Cons are quickly emptying Canada’s fiscal cupboard. If they don’t go now, according to apply- liberally’s post today, quoting the Sun, there may be precious little left to buy votes with in the future.

The Tyee has an article today that speaks to this issue. They Tyee reports that according to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives,

“in less than a year, the Conservative government, largely through ill-advised tax cuts, poorly targeted handouts and an increase in military spending, is well on its way to emptying the fiscal cupboard.”

I posted yesterday on Campbell and Thorpe’s inability to see how the budget is all that wonderful for BC. Harper hammers on their ignorance again today, sure that if they could just suck it up and shut up, it would be a whole lot easier for everyone, particularly Harper and his majority waiting in the wings. BC Olympic officials are also disappointed in the budget because the feds didn’t provide dollars for their athlete summer training program which is similar to the “Own the Podium program”. CanWest reports,

Chris Rudge, the COC’s chief executive officer, could barely contain his anger Monday evening, saying his organization was “profoundly disappointed” in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government.

Yesterday the Cons negotiated a side deal that makes allowances for the province’s expensive housing, but BC is still not happy. Everyone knows those pesky BC pine beetles are not going anywhere without some serious intervention. The Globe and Mail reports,

B.C. Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe said the budget appears to appeal to Quebec and Central Canada, not to those living on the West Coast. Mr. Thorpe said he’s also spoken to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, who he says is equally disappointed with the budget.

Macleans also reports on the equalization battle today,

B.C. Revenue Minister Rick Thorpe said the budget’s fiscal imbalance focus is “more about politics in Quebec and Central Canada than it is about strategic importance for British Columbia and Canada.”

I am betting Campbell is also pretty ticked off about the Cons giving the finger to Aboriginal people in BC and across Canada. Looks like we are in for a nice hot summer of protest. Protests and blockades are bound to make things extra spicy and exciting for a BC government in the middle of trying to organize the 2010 Olympics. I am sure Campbell is picking out a nice thank-you card for the Cons right now for this little side bonus. CBC reports,

First Nations are already planning a B.C. day of protest on June 29, including rail blockades across the province.


6 thoughts on “But When They Got There, the Fiscal Cupboard was Bare…

  1. saga says:

    The June 29 protest is Canada-wide, including rail and road blockades on their traditional lands. Canada’s economy cannot function without their cooperation in allowing road and rail transport across their land, but of course Canada doesn’t acknowledge that partnership. Most of what is being shipped south everyday is resources from their lands, that they receive no benefit from.

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