Cons Reachin Now

j0402558.jpgConsidering recent pay-off and bribery allegations and the partisan, divisive federal budget that has managed to tick off a large portion of the Canadian population; I will be surprised if Harper throws down for an election.

I think we have an indication that things are not going well when the polls shift once again and the Cons start whining (yes the whiner-haters are now whining) about the evidence that might sink Day. Today we learned that the OPP has begun an investigation into a bribery allegations against a close Harper associate, Larry O’Brien. I found this article on CNews with NDP candidate, Terry Kilrea calling for,

an audit of all government appointments made since the Federal Accountability Act was passed in December in light of a police investigation into claims of a potentially criminal patronage offer.

I personally think it’s a hard sell to get anyone to believe that boxes of evidence were stolen from the Cons when everyone knows that government switches office locations like people change their socks. I don’t think this new spin (with video even) is going to help them one bit.


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