Blair Suffers from Credibility Gap

j0409438.jpgAccording to the Western Standard, the Harper Government is highly supportive of coalition forces in Iraq,

The British personnel were engaged in legitimate and routine boarding operations of merchant shipping in Iraqi territorial waters in support of the Government of Iraq. Canadian naval ships have conducted the same type of operations in this area under the same mandate.

When did Canada start conducting operations in support of the Iraqi government? This is news to me. Peter Mackay says,

“We are deeply concerned that Iran has detained 15 British military personnel for more than five days now, despite clear evidence that their vessels were operating in Iraqi territorial waters.

I wonder what this evidence is because to be honest, I don’t trust Tony Blair to tell the truth. Does he really expect us to just believe him without question when he says the British navy was not trespassing in Iranian waters? Is there going to be a new powerpoint showing like the last one Colin Powell presented? You know….those slides that showed the weapons of mass destruction being moved around in Iraqi trucks just before the US/Britain invaded the country.

Considering the whole Bush military build up in that area, I think the possibility exists that a mistake could have been made. Posturing is becoming increasingly offensive and dangerous. Couldn’t Blair just mutter a statement saying there “could have been an error” and put an end to the matter? Unless….. there is really solid proof and if there is, get on with it and provide it to the masses so we can trust you again. Bush is cruising for anything to get him out of the mess he’s in at home. If he drags the rest of the world into his nightmare, that will be “mission accomplished.”

If Bush is truly planning for another round of “let’s make war”….. on Iran, then Harper will go to an election pretty quick. I believe Harper will support Bush/Blair and they could not commit us to a war on Iran without a majority.

March 29 Update: Check out this article by Pacific Free Press on the Iraq/Iran border issue. Great stuff!


7 thoughts on “Blair Suffers from Credibility Gap

  1. The Galloping Beaver says:

    Actually, it’s true, Canadian ships have done boarding operations up in that region, although I would like to see what mandate MacKay is talking about.

    There is a very blurry situation in that area. There are two operations in play: Operation Enduring Freedom (the war on terror/hunt for al Qaeda) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Bush’s pre-emptive war on Iraq).

    Canadian ships are involved in the former but not the latter. It creates problems because the whole picture gets muddied when US and British forces shift back and forth between both operations and, often, the tactical commander of a force is double-hatted in command of the naval element supporting both operations.

    Right after 9/11 Canada, (regardless of any suggestion to the contrary) was the first country to respond militarily in support of US military action against al Qaeda. We sent ships to the Persian Gulf immediately and have maintained a presence there since.

    But, as I said, it’s getting blurry out there. Perhaps it’s time to get some definition back in the picture.

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