I Took the Feminist Type Test: Result-Liberal

j0402266.jpgHat tip to marginal notes for posting the directions to this fun test. I went to OK cupid and took the test and here are my results,

You scored 16% Gender-Abolitionist, 100% Sexually Liberal, and 40 % Socialist You are the Liberal Feminist. This means that you tend to think the women’s movement would best succeed through legislative changes to the system as opposed to radically restructuring our governments or ideas on gender. You tend to be mainly concerned with sexual liberation, and think that much of the oppression of women is leveled against them as a result of oppressive sexual morality. Men who sleep around are pimps and women are whores. You would claim that the negativity associated with a female’s sexual freedom is only a blatant attempt to repress femininity into a submissive role. Also, you probably believe women should have access to reproductive controls such as abortion and contraception. You most likely embody the ideals of the typical American Democrat: you are pro-choice, sexually liberated, and politically active (though your political views aren’t very extreme). The other feminist types:

The Housewife

The Marxist

The Liberal

The Liberal Extremist

The Gender Abolitionist

The Radical

The Gender-Liberal

The Revisionist


7 thoughts on “I Took the Feminist Type Test: Result-Liberal

  1. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Seems kind of strange for a PC guy. PC’s had lots of red stripes. I see Western Eurpean and Canada as a mix of socialist/conservative ideology. Our personal perspectives will affect the results of this test because we likely define terms/language differently.

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