Dion and May: Progressive Steps Towards A Centre-Left Coalition?

j0433132.jpgI think it’s fantastic that Dion and May are talking about working together for the next election. CanWest reports,

“I will not deny what is already in the news … that there are talks between us,” Dion said. “When it will happen, if it’s happening, it will be open and transparent.”

Moreover, the media has been making some positive comments on Dion’s speeches. It seems Dion’s speaking is improving and that is great news! Dion also says Canadian Liberals will be ready to fight and win an election campaign. I think the National Post may have a more realistic perspective on that statment with their catchy headline today, “So Not Ready”

There has been some important work taking place in the House of Commons. When the Cons are grotesquely wrong, (e.g. climate change, Kelowna Accord) the opposition pats the Cons on the head, executes a re-direction technique and rewrites their dubious legislation. The CBC quotes McGuinty,

“the bill now includes much of the clean air plan proposed by Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion”

“The opposition parties have actually come up with a new strong agreement on a series of issues. The government MPs on the committee don’t know how to respond,” McGuinty said.

It took an opposition team effort to get this job done, but the media is reporting that Harper and the Cons may be getting ready to oppose or delay it, which could trigger an election.

I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the Cons to be posturing for an election when several of their key people are involved in emerging criminal investigations. For those who haven’t had a chance to visit Accidental Deliberations today, there is an interesting post that identifies the conflict of interest between Day and the RCMP.

“That said, there’s at least as much need for public clarification as there was during the income trust debacle in 2005. And if the RCMP is scared into silence until Day passes judgment on the pension issue, that may be the most dubious end result of all.”

The CBC reports,

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Thursday he wants a report on RCMP pension and insurance plan allegations that will be compiled by an independent investigator to be ready within 12 weeks.

There does appear to be a conflict of interest here, no matter how “hands off” Day is pretending he will be. Day should step aside and let someone else head up the Public Safety Ministry until the RCMP finish their investigation.


6 thoughts on “Dion and May: Progressive Steps Towards A Centre-Left Coalition?

  1. Ontario Lad says:

    Working on a centre-left coalition, eh? Perhaps that would be possible if Dion wasn’t so busy giving up the centre of the field to Harper in the first place.

  2. mushroom says:

    These are my reasons:

    1) Not being in power, needing to keep in touch of the grassroots which are more ideological than the caucus.

    2) Needing to attract new candidates. Many of them can no longer be parachuted into safe Liberal seats. The new candidates need to come from activist sectors ie. non-profit organizations.

    3) Attracting new members. Nobody is going to buy a ten dollar membership to the Liberals if you can buy one to join the CPC. The CPC membership has more perks now such as luncheons with a Finance Minister. Liberals pay their ten dollars to hear Gerard Kennedy talk about feeding the hungry in Edmonton.

    These are the ones on the top of my head, Mile 0. I am sure you can think of others.

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