In Being “Not ready”

j0400260.jpgToday the CBC’s Heather Mallick published this article entitled “I Want My Election Now.”

All my life, I have voted against my own economic interests because I want the country to prosper and be civilized as a whole. I want public affluence, not public squalor. What a sucker, eh?

I think if you polled Canadians on how pleased they are at the prospect of another round of Con pre-election, television ads, bashing Dion and hyping the “fudget budget”; many might be inclinded to agree with Ms. Mallick today.

I think I will try on some election spirit again this weekend and stop by Briony Penn’s nomination meeting. I will report and take pictures, but with a better camera…I promise.


4 thoughts on “In Being “Not ready”

  1. Ann D says:

    My political wish list is getting longer and more utopian by the day. I think I should go leave it out for the Easter Bunny next weekend, since Santa won’t be by for another 9 months. Canada can’t wait that long.

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