Open Up Wide, the budget tastes good, says Harper…trust me

cough4.jpgThe lastest Ipsos Reid Poll shows the Conservatives have dropped out of majority territory with big changes in the numbers occurring for BC and Ontario. The Cons have 36%, the Liberals 31%, NDP 15% and the Greens are at 9%. Harper’s continual insistence that the budget is great for Canada and BC does not appear to be fooling British Columbians one bit.

The only people saying the budget is great for BC are Conservative MP’s. Lunn and Strahl can repeat this same refrain until they are blue in the face, but the fact is British Columbians are not buying the Conservative budget spin out West.


5 thoughts on “Open Up Wide, the budget tastes good, says Harper…trust me

  1. Steve V says:

    This poll confirms my suspicion, or hope, that the Conservatives will lose every seat in Atlantic Canada. Couple that with the potential for loses in Saskatchewan (Liberals up 7%, not to mention the barley issue), Manitoba( up 7%) and British Columbia, and the miniscule growth in Quebec hardly suggests balance. Harper’s transparent political expediency may just cost him, the budget has left a bad taste, and even Quebecers have received it cynically. Good.

  2. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    The Cons have been blatantly unfair this time and people are not amused. I see we are about to get another dose of Con spun “love that budget” with their new ads. Can’t we go back to the old Canadian way..and stick to running election ads during an actual election campaign? All they succeed in doing is making people despise politicians…including the Cons. Yuk…6 weeks is plenty enough for everyone.

  3. Steve V says:

    Did you notice the new twist to those ethanol/Tory ads? They now have a ticker “thank-you prime minister harper for making ethanol part of your budget”. When is the MSM going to call this front of an organization out?

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