Britons Opposed to Use of Force Against Iran

j0289193.jpg A new poll shows that when asked if Britain should use force as a last resort to free 15 navy personnel detained in Iran,

48 per cent were opposed and 44 per cent in favour

Only 7% of respondents were in favour of using force when the poll was taken 9 days into the crisis.

I am betting a solid majority of Canadians are also opposed to the use of force. I recommend checking out The Galloping Beaver, who has two very interesting posts on this crisis including a discussion about the Iran/Iraq border issue and speculation on Iran’s motives for taking the hostages.

In keeping with the whole surge/Iran/Middle East theme, The Washington Post has an article reporting on the imminent death of the phrase “war on terror”, to be replaced with a much more affable phrase that does not include the word “war”. The “war” word is too harsh, makes people weary and implies a great deal of money is being spent making war on one particular country.

Apparently the Bush phrase “global struggle against violent extremism” is much too broad. There are an awful lot of countries with extremism problems and the US is certainly not going to get involved in anything messy if their interests are not at stake. I thought I would take a shot at it and throw out “Strategic Global Terror Control”. Everyone feeling better now?


5 thoughts on “Britons Opposed to Use of Force Against Iran

  1. philanthropist says:

    Britons surrender easily these days apparently. Iran may decide to execute the hostages – Iran has lots of practice since they kill people like Zarha Kazemi every day – perhaps British attitudes would change, but perhaps not…

  2. paul says:

    “Attacking them is not likely to get any of the hostages back. Bush might get the war he’s just itchin for..but that’s about it.”

    Not sure what you think is enough of a provocation but I certainly would advocate a military response if they were Canadian. Future Canadian lives would probably depend on other countries not viewing us as pussies.

  3. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    So what’s important is that the UK is not viewed as a pussy? I thought the object was to get the hostages back? The most likely reason they were taken is because of the massive military build up that is occuring in the Persian Gulf.

  4. mushroom says:

    Expect another disastrous military operation similar to the failed bid by Carter to rescue the US hostages.

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