More Women in Politics/Upper Government: It’s Worth The Fuss

dionstrong.jpgI caught an interesting piece of news in an article today at the Globe and Mail quoting Dion on the new Liberal radio ads in Quebec ,

“The Liberal leader also pledged to get more women in cabinet and to have an equal number of men and women in the Senate and appointed to executive positions at Crown corporations”

Wow! I was already impressed with Dion’s commitment to raise the profile of women in politics by ensuring that they made up at least 33% of Liberal candidates in the next election. I recently posted on the nomination meetings of two women nominated as Liberal candidates for the Southern Vancouver Island Region. Anne Park Shannon was nominated for Victoria and Briony Penn for Saanich-Gulf Islands. Both women enthusiastically expressed how excited and pleased they were that Dion’s advocacy had given them such an amazing opportunity.

But then I read this article, “What’s the Fuss” from a female CanWest reporter asking,

I see that we’re not getting closer to having equal numbers of males and females in various elected assemblies. But why am I supposed to care? Why do we “need” women in politics?

The female writer argues that if we agree that we should equalize the number of men and women in politics, then why are we not doing the same for ethnic minorities, gay/lesbian persons, etc.? Let’s see…the last time I checked, all minorities, gay/lesbian people are still also….. men and women. Imagine that? What a ridiculous argument for continuing with the status quo. It’s very disheartening to see female members of the media calling down progressive action to advance the cause of including more women in Canadian politics.

However, it’s obvious not everyone at CanWest holds this opinion as shown by this article, “Dion effort shows women willing to run for office” which provides a more positive perspective on this issue.


4 thoughts on “More Women in Politics/Upper Government: It’s Worth The Fuss

  1. Red Tory says:

    It’s quite amazing how much resentment this initiative has caused amongst the Blogging Tories. Some of their arguments against it are pretty laughable, not to mention downright misogynistic in some cases. I’ll try to keep this in mind as I’m scanning their blogs in the future and send them to you.

  2. shoshanaberman says:

    Exactly. I had the same response to a blogger who asserted that Dion’s committment to women meant that he was betraying the Tamil community. I said that the last time I checked the Tamils were also at least 50% women. It’s a specious arguement.

  3. tori says:

    yeah, because as a woman, I certainly want people to know that the only reason why I got a position was because I had a vagina.

    How the heck does that further the cause that men and women are equal?

    One does not repair damage done by discrimination by just reversing the dicrimination to the other group. How does one get equality by pushing one group up while stifling the other?

  4. Amanda says:

    Very interesting post… THIS is something that I want to talk about soon on Antigone… there has been so much controversy on this whole subject! I will definitely be linking to this post.

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