Halfway There and Layton Calls It

hoc.jpgThis is my Saturday night “I have now completed half of my graduate program post. ” Wooohoooo!!!! Finally sanity, calm and recreational reading have arrived. One week to relax before my new summer job starts. I also had to post on this article I found today at CanWest. Now I am not an NDPer, but if I saw Jack right now I would give him a big high-five for the statements he made in this article. Layton said,

the prime minister has done a poor job of operating in a minority Parliament and should be at the table with the opposition parties to work on legislation instead of running advertisements attacking them. There is a lack of willingness on Harper’s part to find some common ground with the other parties, he said.

Pretty much says it all I think. Why is it so difficult for Harper to understand collaboration concepts? We have never had a government that functioned this way, at least not since I started voting. It’s a very sad state of affairs for Canada.


4 thoughts on “Halfway There and Layton Calls It

  1. slg says:

    When a child gets too pouty and bratty, usually people don’t want to be near them or to punish them.

    Layton’s view is held by many, so I don’t thinks he’s that insightful here.

    Harper – as a kid – if you don’t let me win I’ll take my bat and go home. We had a girl in my neighbourhood like that and one of my girlfriend’s father bought a bat for everyone to use. Needless to say, the brat had to finally play by the rules.

  2. Dan Lee says:

    I would agree with Jack except for the fact that all of the bills that have passed have been supported by the opposition parties. The Bloc supported some, the NDP some, and the Liberals also supported some.

    If Harper didn’t work with the other parties, and proposed bills they all disagreed with, then why did all those bills pass?

    Didn’t Harper call Dion before tabling the “Nation” bill?

    Didn’t the accountability act pass with changes made by ALL the parties?

    Layton is a politician. He wants to run Harper down, and make himself look great. He’s done the same to the Liberals. But, I don’t think that he’s being fully honest.

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