Fill-up my car or afford my groceries? I pick the groceries.

j0401811.jpgPerhaps it would be a good idea to put the kibosh on any further expansion of the biofuels from food plan immediately. The Financial Post reports today,

massive subsidies for corn and mandated ethanol use, will cause prices to rise by as much as 50% and disrupt basic distribution networks, triggering a chain reaction of inflationary forces that would be felt most by vulnerable populations in low-lying urban areas not on the receiving line of massive farm handouts.”

Environment Canada says it isn’t going to reduce green house gases and it appears a large portion of the world may go even hungrier than they already are if we continue down this road. The price of food is starting to rise as a result of another poorly conceived Conservative/Bush plan to turn our food into fuel for our vehicles.

The federal Conservative government committed $2 billion in incentives for ethanol, made from wheat and corn, and biodiesel in last week’s budget.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a decently priced bag of groceries over filling up my car any day. We can’t live without food; but we can find a way to work around the fuel issue. If you think the food prices rising will hurt people in Canada, just watch what it does to 3rd world countries. I think this “plan” has the potential to cause a great deal of human suffering and could easily increase deaths from starvation worldwide.

April 11th update: I had a reader point me to this article by Fidel Castro and it raises issues with biofuels I did not consider in my original post including, water usage for biofuel crops, dying bees, etc.

Where are the more than 500 million tons of corn and other cereals which the United States, Europe and wealthy nations require to produce the gallons of ethanol that big companies in the United States and other countries demand in exchange for their voluminous investments going to be produced and who is going to supply them? Where are the soy, sunflower and rape seeds, whose essential oils these same, wealthy nations are to turn into fuel, going to be produced and who will produce them?


8 thoughts on “Fill-up my car or afford my groceries? I pick the groceries.

  1. Anonymous says:

    If Harper kills the Wheat Board, will Canada will be shipping food out of our own children’s mouths and the mouths of other countries who rely on Canadian wheat and barley into the maw of the trade agreements Harper, Bush and Mexico have going on? Has the fact that Mexican people have seen their staple food price go through the roof because Bush decided that corn would be the new oil?

    Besides the propaganda going around about “Harper’s promise” where has the Harper government come out with using bio-fuels as a useable concept here in Canada? No where. Just who is the “Harper’s promise” ads aimed at?

    Canada’s bread-basket will be converted to fuel, not food, and if you can’t afford a car well you pay the high price for food which could be fuel. Nice.

    It’s already apparent that the new government wishes to put others in front of Canadians. Kill the CWB and Canada’s grains and corn will be the backup to the oil contracts Harper’s Canada cannot deliver ad infinitum without putting Canada back to the horse and buggy stage, IF we can find food for the horses.

    Hey, it’s already a fact of life that many Canadians have given up cars and fuel for food and life. So. How’s that infrastructure and public transit going under the New GovernmentTM?

    Harper’s plan is likely his idea of diet. Put it off until food isn’t limo’d to his house. Or, the country is on a gas ration and he and the kids get a photo-op WALKING to the grocery store.
    Yeah, right.

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