U.S. Out of Alberta, the crowd chants.

oiltank.jpgHere is a great video I found today called “Tar Sands: Fuel Tank for US Empire” explaining why Canadians continue to fight in Afghanistan. By sending our troops to Afghanistan, the US can concentrate its forces on the fight in Iraq. I think this man has got a lot of guts calling it like it is in Con/Bush controlled (hat tip to While the Earth Burns) Alberta. He calls Canada a US resource colony as the crowd chants, “US out of Alberta”.

I personally would not be surprised at all if we are actually fighting with the US in Iraq (on the water for sure cause Mackay admitted it). I certainly don’t trust Harper and the Cons to give me any truth on this issue. Backing up US/British forces in the Gulf…it’s all the same thing, no matter what coat of paint/name you give it.

In addition, there is another great piece at Rabble today, criticizing the Canadian press for constantly pushing the war in Afghanistan at us on a daily basis through the CBC and Canadian news media. The author states they seem to have lost their objectivity since last fall, but I noticed that objectivity begin to dissipate very soon after the Cons were elected. More and more, the media parrots the Harper/Con line on Afghanistan and I am utterly sick of it. Murray Dobbin writes,

When we first sent some 2,000 troops to Afghanistan, it was a major assignment ā€” not strictly peace-keeping, but not war-fighting either ā€” and yet it rarely made the news.

But ever since we took on the war-fighting role in Southern Afghanistan, our mission has become a major part of our daily cultural consumption.

Sure I want to see women in Afghanistan liberated, shedding those really hot, uncomfortable, looking burkas and going to school… what Canadian women wouldn’t? However, I certainly do not believe this is a good reason to continue making war in this country. How many countries have these same problems? There are horrible practises that exist in many African/Islamic countries like genocide, female circumcision, hanging gay men, and child soldiers, but do we invade countries and force them into adopting our ideas about civility and society at the end of a gun?

I wish the press would stop insulting our intelligence by making this an issue about women’s rights and/or democracy. Let’s call it what it really is…..tin-can Con/Bush spin to justify our continued exploitation of the country. The US wants Iraq’s oil, and we are helping the US by allowing them to focus on the real prize. We are in effect babysitting the country (Afghanistan) that was used as a base to hit at the US, so the US can use their resources to continue to fight an illegal, unjust, criminal war against a country they had no right to invade. In my opinion, this makes Canada guilty of collusion with the US in its criminal war against the Iraqi people.

When a society is ready for change, then change will happen and peacekeeping can work. I do not believe we are changing anything except installing a government that is aligned with a Bush/US and now…unfortunately… Harper/Con enforced, Canadian point of view. We can keep telling ourselves we are making progress; but I am sure the Russians comforted themselves with that line for many years before they finally realized that change is not something that can be enforced, gave up and went home. When Afghanistan is ready for change..it will change and not before. To the Canadian media… stop trying to define who we are as Canadians through this whole Bush controlled charade, it’s insulting our intelligence as a people.


10 thoughts on “U.S. Out of Alberta, the crowd chants.

  1. Polly Jones says:

    Thanks for this link. Gordon Laxer and the Parkland Institute are amazing. The PI is a great example of how to show how local issues are very much related to global political economy. I loved the comments on the US Empire and the naming of Alberta as a “resource colony”.

  2. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    When he labeled it…it was like….that’s it..that’s exactly what Alberta is. It appears they are trying to do the same with BC now..trying to lift the moratorium off oil and gas drilling off the coast. Who would get the profits? Certainly not British Columbians or BC First Nations. The rich fat cat oil barons….suckered Alberta in and they are trying to do to the same to BC. We get all the risk of environmental destruction and they just get filthy rich. I hope we are not stupid enough to fall for it.

  3. JP says:

    Canada’s troops in Afghanistan is only a small (yet not insignificant) portion of the entire NATO effort. In the long term of the US strategy in the middle East, Canada’s 2,500 troops in Afghanistan is negligable. We have been in Afghanistan since 2001, the so called “cons” have had a minority gov since 2006. The vast right wing conspiracy of the “neo-cons” is ridiculous.

  4. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Conspiracy bull! I said it was Con spun media drivel trying to make people believe that Afghanistan is now about women’s rights and democracy…which it isn’t. When we went into Afghanistan the world was sympathizing with the US because of the 9/11 tradgedy. But then the Bush lites decided to betray our trust and deceived us into continuing with a larger role in Afghanistan because supposedly there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq …the world needed protection from Saddam. Course I never bought that line of BS for a second (fortunately Chretien didn’t either) but I’ll give others the benefit of the doubt that they really thought Bush wouldn’t lie about such a thing. Why are we continuing to reward this deception with the lives of our Canadian soldiers?

    I do not believe we should be continuing to support the American invasion of Iraq by leaving our forces in there to do the Americans dirty work. ..especially now that it’s been proven Bush was lying through his teeth to the entire world. The only legitimate beef they had was against Afghanistan and Bin Laden…. and probably Saudi Arabia where most of the 9/11 terrorists came from.

    Harper supported the US war with Iraq and was too stupid to see that Bush is an idiot which I believe makes Harper and the Cons unfit to govern. I don’t believe I am the only one either because 63% of Canadians saw his incompetence too and didn’t vote for him in the last election (and still won’t according to the latest SES poll). He obviously lacks the ability to be an objective, discerning politician who can look objectively at both sides of international issues. In fact, terrorism has only increased since the US invasion. The US should hightail their butts back to full force in Afghanistan if their so dam worried about terrorism and stop starting wars with countries through disinformation campaigns and trickery because they need their oil. It’s time for them to do their own dam dirtly work and finish what they started if its so dam important. I think we should get our troops out and force the Americans out of Iraq because they won’t have enough resources to continue making war in both countries if we stop helping them. Tough love yes..but they obviously are not going to stop their war mongering ways without it.

  5. Just Some Poor Schmuck says:

    Say it, Woman! It’s the truth. Harper is but a minion. A feeble extension of a dying and dangerous entity that wishes to subjugate many millions for the gratification of a few.

    It’s not about terrorism. Or freedom. If it were, they would do as you say and fight, fight, fight! They’d go there to fight terrorism and free the people, or they’d be fighting for freedom on their own soil. It’s all about oil and optics.

    Harper has no more substance than a hologram of military might played on screens across the world, playing to the masses and pretending to fight for people and freedom. Harper is sweating and strutting upon the world stage he aspires to, all for his Master.

    This is Canada’s darkest hour: Harper has only one year left to do his Master’s bidding before real Americans and real Canadians take the reins once again.

    People! Get out and vote! Evil happens when good people do nothing. Get out there and vote!

  6. Woman At Mille 0 says:

    Well now I am inspired Shmuck. I hope all Canadians and Americans will take your advice. The world would be a better place if people just realized how much power they reallly hold when they actually vote.

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