Dion and May: Fearless Conviction

dionlib.jpgI found this article at CanWest call “Green-Grit Pact Rattles” discussing the May/Dion agreement,

Dion is said to be the biggest loser this week — for admitting he needs May to bolster his green reputation, for forfeiting his party’s claim to national status. This is nonsense — except for May and Dion’s ridings, both parties will run candidates across the country — but it is widely- accepted nonsense.

May will have trouble beating MacKay, no matter what. But she really is doing politics differently, not just claiming to. She is fearless and Dion isn’t weak. No wonder the old guard is closing ranks against them.

You have only to cruise the blogosphere and the media to see that the people who are really afraid of this deal are NDPers. They haven’t stop spinning since the agreement was announced trying to justify Jack’s lame, egocentric position. Layton, a supposedly progressive leader who is so stuck on himself he can’t even call the leader of the progressive environment party back when she wants to discuss cooperation. Heck he could have told her to go fly-a-kite but to not even return the call? Pretty crass Jack (hat tip to Fuddle). Layton…the master of backroom deals (hat tip to Section 15) with Harper. What a hypocrite.

In addition, Jason is bang on with his post Senior Liberal crybabies. Now I am new to membership in the Liberal party. I only joined the party officially last June, although I have voted Liberal in every election since I turned 18. If party insiders executed a coup against Dion now, I would vote anybody but Liberal in the next election and I bet there are a lot that would go with me. So what are these Liberal insiders trying to accomplish? The destruction of the party? If so… why don’t they join the NDP, Conservatives or Greens now and save all Liberals across Canada a great deal of grief? We don’t want to hear about party sniping, we want to know what the party is doing to get ready for an impending election.

If an election is called and Dion doesn’t win, that’s the time for discussions about new leadership, not after a leadership race that took a year and cost a lot of money has just resulted in a brand new leader for the party. I voted for Rae and of course I was disappointed he lost, but do you see me trying to undermine Dion? There are many others just like me who favoured other candidates during the race, but a leadership race is a race and there must be a winner. If Liberals who took part in this race didn’t really intend to follow the person who won the race then they had no right to even take part. Suck it up people, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

I am behind Dion all the way. If anyone is going to stop the Cons from keeping our troops in Afghanistan for the 15 years its Dion. I think the Cons have lost their minds for suggesting this course as an option for Canada.


8 thoughts on “Dion and May: Fearless Conviction

  1. nbpolitico says:

    the people who are really afraid of this deal are NDPers

    I don’t know that that is true at all. I think the person with the biggest direct benefit from this deal is Alexis MacDonald, the NDP candidate that nearly beat MacKay in 2006.

    Let’s look at the 2006 results for Central Nova:

    MACKAY, Peter (CPC) 17,134
    MACDONALD, Alexis (NDP) 13,861
    WALSH, Dan (Lib) 10,349
    ORTON, David (Grn) 671
    BEZANSON, Allan H. (MLC) 124

    And the results from 2004:

    MACKAY, Peter (CPC) 16,376
    MACDONALD, Alexis (NDP) 10,470
    GREEN, Susan (lib) 9,986
    MOSHER, Rebecca (Grn) 1,015

    May is running hard against MacKay over the PC/CA merger and may be able to peel some votes off of him, in the meantime, I suspect MacDonlad will probably pick up some of the lost Liberal votes.

    I would say that she may well win this thing thanks to this deal.

  2. Hamilton Lib says:

    What a fantastic time to be a liberal.
    This is a truly brilliant move by Dion which shows true leadership and the ability to fight together towards a common good unlike the “your with us or against us” harper.
    I am so proud to have Dion as leader of the Liberal Party.

  3. Lynne says:

    If you read Wells and Radwinski today, you’ll see that this Heard is an old crank from way back.

    One grumpy old man doesn’t constitute a linch mob against Dion.

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