Kyoto Or Bust!

smoke.jpg This CTV news article states,

The Conservative government is preparing to table an economically apocalyptic estimate of the Kyoto Accord’s implementation costs to Canada.

Do I think Kyoto will send us into recession? Well although I am far from an expert, I have noticed that it doesn’t appear to have caused a recession in the European countries that have signed on to the deal and are now far ahead of us in meeting Kyoto targets. Far ahead of Canada because the Cons have decided to dawdle around for the entire 1.5 years they have been elected, stalling and blowing smoke on climate change as opposed to doing anything about it.

Canada is a rich G8 country; what would be a better investment for our country than protecting our environment for ourselves and our children? I guess it just depends on what you feel is most important for our future. I also think that without the push to meet Kyoto, other countries (H/T to Politique Vert) will begin to surpass us in environmental friendly technologies and green energy; that would be a huge mistake. I don’t see much vision on the Con side. We can do better than this for our children.

I also enjoyed this article in the Penticton news,

There are signs that the steady urbanization of our society may be reaching its limits, as people pay unheard-of gasoline prices for the privilege of sitting in traffic jams.


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