Tired of the Con Kyoto Stalling

bcscene.jpgWell here is a reasonable guy from the National Post. Yes quoting the NP again….are they becoming more balanced? I am not adding any CanWest paper to my Best News Bets yet, but I have been paying attention anyways. Don Martin says that Conservative approach to climate change is similar to the horse problem that clogged up New York in the 1800’s.

As such, Mr. Baird has crafted a historic correlation to the Big Apple’s 1890s nag problem. He’s seen future shock based on fixed 2007 scenarios — and the end result is a lot of horse manure.

Don is bang on with this. They Cons have taken a worse case scenario and then embellished upon it without factoring in any of the good things Kyoto will do for our country and our industry. It says nothing about what the costs will be if we don’t implement Kyoto. In the end I couldn’t agree with Don more than when he calls the Con report horse pucky. Do the Cons really think Canadians are going to stand by while they do nothing?

Also Bourque Newswatch reports today that Cons encouragment of biofuels development is having the desired effect and now a massive Biofuels plant for Alberta. I posted on this issue before and I can see that the Cons will not be happy until I am paying an arm and a leg now for my basic groceries. I do not believe we should be getting fuel for our cars from our food…period. The farmers can use it, they always have, but that’s it. Any futher use will just hurt Canadians, the environment and the poor.


4 thoughts on “Tired of the Con Kyoto Stalling

  1. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Actually I think the main point is they pay taxes, live here and have children too. If its bad planning for Canada it doesn’t matter how much money you have, eventually the Emperor has no clothes. Notice the money thing isn’t working for Bush so much anymore? Canadians catch on to a “not so good” thing pretty fast. I like to think alot faster than Americans but I will wait and see on that point cause the Cons are still in power.I am still sitting on the fence though on the balance thing. Has been a better month though.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Actually if the Cons had not got into power we would have been well on our way. They got in and tore down all the environmental programs and they are still tearing them down. They are just wasting time and stalling.

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