Canada Needs Clear Water Policy

j0428654.jpgCanada urgently needs clear policy that will protect our water resources from privitization, pollution and from the increasing demands for water from the United States.

CanWest shares this less than brilliant piece of wisdom on why we are going to open talks with the US on bulk water exports,

In the end, owing to water’s nasty habit of flowing across borders, a thirsty superpower will take what we refuse to share. So we talk.

So does this mean CanWest believes we are not capable of protecting our water resources so we should just give the US what it wants? Because what it wants today is only going to increase substantially tomorrow and the next day and the next. If this is the recommended Canadian position, it is a very dangerous, unstable slippery slope to try to stand on. I don’t know who this CanWest article is referring to by “we” but I certainly don’t believe most Canadians would take this position.

The US continues with its shockingly, inadequate environmental conservation practises. The latest Bush/Harper plan is expansion of biofuel development which uses vast water resources to make precious food into fuel. I am certainly not inclinded to sacrifice our enviroment so the US can expand the development of cities in deserts and make biofuels from our water so their cars can continue to pump more green house gases into the air. Haven’t they already got enough of our resources through the tar sands development process in Alberta? Canada is already destroying it’s environment to try to placate the US. When will we learn that we will never be able to give enough to satisy their insatiable demand for our resources?

I am still ticked the US didn’t sign on to Kyoto. If they had we wouldn’t be listening to stupid, biased Con reports spinning like mad trying to convince Canadians that Kyoto is a bad choice for our country. Given the US position on Kyoto and their environmental policies, I for one to not feel inclined to discuss anything with them. Relenting means that they will only continue to demand more. Bulk water exports will harm the Canadian environment and the people.

The Alberta Herald Tribune writes,

The idea that other countries aren’t getting the message about Canada’s refusal to allow transfers of its fresh water is scary considering the gravity of the looming crisis, Barlow said.

”The Americans are really getting thirsty. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says there are 36 states that are in peril now, that are in water stress,” she said.

”There’s crisis in the U.S. and the issue of water has moved right up to the top of the national security political ladder – it’s big, big, big.”


5 thoughts on “Canada Needs Clear Water Policy

  1. Niles says:

    Didn’t Canada talk about softwood lumber? and talk and talk and talk and talk? and have other people nod and side with Canada?

    And that talk got us exactly …where with the US?

    Grateful we didn’t get beaten with the buckle end of the belt?

    We definitely need something more than “we’d best give permission to them to take it now before we force them to throw a bullying tantrum that makes them look impolite to the rest of the world while they take it by force”

  2. Wet Back says:

    The USA can simply dam the red river before it flows int Manitoba to supplement their water supplies. When Winnipeg is dry the citizens will call on the USA to allow bulk export of water to Canada.

  3. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    There is plenty of water Canada could dam up on this side of the border as well Wet Back. That’s not a game I think either side should play and the biggest loser would be the environment.

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