CNN: Non-stop Horror-cho Marathon Complete with Right Wing Nuts

cnn.jpgI think the media is making a mistake continuing to focus on cho. I saw CNN tonight and it looked like cho marathon night. Please people..I hope my children will go to University one day and your making a TV news marathon out of his murderous act is not making them any safer.

What really topped the CNN reporting was this NRA right wingnut type who suggested that the best thing that could have happened would have been if all students in the classrooms had been armed like Cho; they could have killed Cho before they were killed. It was a set of bewildering, fantasy-like statments poorly challenged by the rest of the news pundits (plzz…Paula Zahn), on the set. I was stunned at the incompetence.

This CBC article states,

767 males and 49 females — died of firearms-related injuries in Canada in 2002, the most recent year examined in the study. This represented 2.6 deaths per 100,000 population, down from 5.9 per 100,000 in 1979, it said.

In a cross-border comparison for the year 2000, Statistics Canada says the risk of firearms death was more than three times as great for American males as for Canadian males and seven times as great for American females as for Canadian females.

Because more of the U.S. deaths were homicides (as opposed to suicides or accidental deaths), the U.S. rate of gun homicide was nearly eight times Canada’s, the agency says. Homicides accounted for 38 per cent of deaths involving guns in the United States and 18 per cent in Canada.

From this data, we can see that your chance of being murdered by a gun is substantially higher in the United States, particularly if you are a woman (big surprise here eh?). Stats can says,

Based on selected offences, the United States has had a much higher rate of reported violent crime than Canada. The homicide rate was three times higher in the United States than it was in Canada, while the American rate for aggravated assault was double the Canadian rate. For robbery, the rate was 65% higher in the United States.

Increasing the number of guns and access to guns is going to substantially increase your chance of being either murdered or shot accidentally with a gun. This guy on CNN was suggesting everyone should have a gun, carry them everywhere, allow them in schools, etc. This is why I prefer news online; its easier to avoid the media wing nuts.


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