Libs Agree to Explore Electoral Reforms

dion4.jpgOk now I am really excited. Way to go Dion! I think its a huge step forward for the Libs. Canadians will like these progressive moves!

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion has agreed to explore reforms to Canada’s electoral system as part of his non-compete agreement with Green Leader Elizabeth May.


12 thoughts on “Libs Agree to Explore Electoral Reforms

  1. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Yes we shall see. But I can’t imagine something like this ever happening in the Liberal party before. I am amazed at the progress the party is making. I am sure there will be a huge kick and fuss though from anonymous Senior Libs…again…which won’t be helpful.

  2. janfromthebruce says:

    That’s great, but one has to go on their record of keeping ‘promises.’ That track isn’t good.
    If you are all excited than you must be excited that Harper is also exploring PP right now and has commissioned an outside group to look into electorial reform, as I write. Not feeling excited; I mean this a big movement for the conservative party.
    Sorry, making an pact to explore electorial reform guarentees absolutely nothing. It could mean senate reform for instance. Anyway, the libs are great at making grand promises but “just don’t get the job done” when elected. Been there, got the smack down!

  3. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Jan …Dion couldn’t do anything you liked because he’s not NDP. And I don’t think you could say something positive on something progressive and different no matter what…just like Layton and the rest of the NDP bunch. So why bother having a conversation? First the NDp wants electoral reform….now they don’t?…cripes make up your mind.

  4. Scott Tribe says:


    As many of your NDP blogger brethren have written.. the commission Harper asked to study electoral reform is well known for its opposition to Proportional representation reform… they were also accused of stacking the deck to get people to oppose it. So, I dont know how you can say with a straight face that Harper is studying electoral reform seriously.

    As for Dion, his position on the Senate is well known. He rejects Harpers half-baked scheme.. he says rightfully the only way to reform that body is through re-opening constitutional talks. So, any reforms he is looking at will deal with voting in the House of Commons, as it should.

    I know you NDP’ers are all in a froth over May and Dion’s pact.. and it kills you to say anything good about Dion (which is a shame, because Dion’s positions on issues are a lot closer to the NDP’s then Harper will ever be)…. but try to be objective.

  5. Gayle says:

    Maybe the liberals should encourage the NDP voters to “lend” them their votes so the liberals can win and institute PP.

    Apparently the “lend us your votes” thing has been done before…

  6. Paul says:

    the Liberals are in danger of becoming a rump party. Of course Dion will do anything to help change the system we use. Don’t get too excited, hw will never have a chance to break any promises.

  7. slg says:

    I believe Dion is telling the truth. He mentioned the system in Germany during the leadership debates – he’s been studying this issue.

    He’s obviously open to change.

    I’ve lost total faith in wheeling and dealing Layton. His support of the Conservatives is dishonest and totally against the principles of the far left. Why they put up with it I don’t know.

  8. Cam says:

    I wonder how long this will placate May and her desire for proportional representation?

    I don’t think Dion and the Libs situation is desperate enough to start REALLY giving such a cock-a-brained idea a realistic chance, but ooooooooooooo things are looking a little scary.

    Some senate reform WOULD be nice though.

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