There’s a Tear in My Beer

j0407469.jpgNo say it ain’t so! The end of cheap beer in Germany is at hand due to the full-tilt worldwide expansion of using food to produce biofuels for our vehicles.

Germans will have to dig deeper in their pockets to enjoy their beloved beer in the next few months as barley is increasingly displaced in the country’s fields by heavily subsidized crops used for biofuels.

I also found this article at MSNBC in Newsweek called the “Upside of Recession”. It focuses on the dramatic increases in food costs due to the increased use of biofuels. Now we already know that these biofuels are not anymore beneficial to the environment than regular oil or gas emissions according to Environment Canada. So why are governments around the world hell bent on pressing ahead with this incredibly ignorant plan? Are they comfortable with assuming responsiblilty for increased starvation in third world countries? What about the poor at home who can barely afford to put food on the table now? The Newsweek article says,

We all know about oil. Prices are about $60 a barrel. They seem unlikely to return to $28, the 2000 level. The real surprise involves food prices. In the past three months, they’ve risen at a 7 percent annual rate. We may be seeing the first adverse effects of the ethanol boom. Corn is the main feed grain for poultry, beef and pork. Corn is also the main raw material for ethanol, an alternate fuel for gasoline. Competition for grain has pushed up corn prices to about $3.50 or more a bushel, almost double a typical level. High feed prices have discouraged meat producers from expanding. The resulting tight meat supplies raise retail prices.“Poultry is the best example,” says economist Tom Jackson of Global Insight. “In the past 40 years, we almost never have year-to-year decreases in production. In the past few months, we’ve seen production go down.”

Today we had another less than brilliant political “role model” in the news, Schwarzenegger, who’s intellect appears to be on a par with Harper/Bush on this issue. He was hyping his soon to be “pimped” biofuels ride as some kind of environment saviour, which it isn’t.

The US media spun this clean biofuels truthiness all day and it’s clearly a total lie. How come so many US reporters are incapable of researching information and providing truth to their readers? In fact, from what I have learned about the biofuels from food concept is that it may prove to be one of the most evil, cruel ideas man has ever come up with.

Fortunately we have politicians like Dion who actually think through consequences of green policies before embarking on rash, thoughtless courses of action.

Dion announced on Earth Day that he wants Prince Edward Island to be completely dependent on wind-generated electricity by 2015.

Now that’s a green plan!


4 thoughts on “There’s a Tear in My Beer

  1. Mike Drainie says:

    I agree that corn ethanol is a feel good political boondoggle, however don’t throw out biofuels altogether. They will be one small part of the solution to global warming. In Brazil where biofuels are made from sugar cane the efficiency equation is much more positive. Also there is new research coming out on other biomass (switchgrass etc) that grow here that may make biofuels make sense.

    To respond to your more important assertion… “How come so many US reporters are incapable of researching information and providing truth to their readers?” For a great article on how media concentration selectively lobotomizes reporters see “Skulking to the Right – the Decline of Canada’s Newspapers” in May 2006 Literary Review of Canada (sorry no electronic version – only at the library.)

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