Rights Groups: Contracting Out Job of Holding POW’s Violates Geneva Convention

canada.jpgIt is interesting that many of the Con blogging tory guru’s (I say Cons not Tories) appear to think it’s OK to torture the Canadian Taliban prisoners (H/T to Where’d That Bug Go). Is this because we are contracting out the job to the Afghans? Would they have the same opinion if Canadians were doing the torturing instead? Violating the Geneva convention appears to be just fine with this group. They wonder why Canadians should lose any sleep over the torture of these prisoners? I don’t care for the Taliban either, but to deliberately violate the Geneva Convention which Canada has adhered to since shortly after the second world war is shockingly inept policy and quite likely illegal.

Canada has obligations under the Geneva Conventions to make sure prisoners it transfers to Afghan authorities aren’t tortured or abused. Rights groups in Canada also contend — and have filed legal action to try to prove — that the Charter of Rights also outlaws transferring detainees to authorities if it is known that they are likely to be tortured or abused.

Now my grampa fought in the second world war and was wounded. I am most grateful he was one of the lucky ones who made it home again. I find the contracting out of torture to be unacceptable and disrespectful to men and women who are fighting not only in this war, but in wars past. I want our troops to be treated well when they are captured by the enemy. If we do not treat the prisoners we hold as we hope our own troops will be treated, through agreements we sign, we become hypocrites and liars. If the Cons think we should get out of the Geneva Conventions we have signed, then they had best come forward, put that on the table and let Canadians debate it. I can tell you right now, Canadians will be against it.


12 thoughts on “Rights Groups: Contracting Out Job of Holding POW’s Violates Geneva Convention

  1. Stephen says:

    Your personal tale with respect to your grandfather is partly why this is so abhorrent. We should treat detainees with the same dignity that we would want to be treated.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I think Canadians are still well respected in the world. Although I believe we are taking a serious hit now from this. I have watched Canadian prisoners released from the middle east region when they are captured. I like to think it is our adherance to values of fairness and justice that make the difference. This is a serious safety issue.

  3. Lynne says:

    I feel absolutely sick to my stomach now. I was wacthing the news on CTV this morning and Lisa LaFlemme, who is CTV’s correspondant in Afghanistan said that she intereviewed an Afghan farmer who was turned over in error. He couldn’t speak English well enough to explain that he was a farmer and it was assumed he was a member of the Taliban. He was tortured.

    So, it isn’t just Taliban that are being tortured, it’s also innocent Afghan people.

    I feel absolutely ill.

    Also, it has come out the Harper/O’Connor have known for quite some time about this.

  4. Paul says:

    First rule of terrorists…
    when captured claim torture.

    First rule of journalism in Canada…
    blame Canada immediately…
    proof or no proof

  5. Stephen says:

    First rule of neocons. Assume that they are terrorists when they haven’t even been charged yet.

    Second rule of necons. Blame the media.

    Third rule of neocons. Engage in Orwellian doubespeak. Example: Suggest that evidence isn’t evidence.

  6. Scotian says:

    First rule of meocons: Guilty until proven innocent except when it is one of their own.

    Alas this also applies to the current CPC leadership and far too many of its supporters. This is but one particularly disgusting facet of what is already something most grotesque to be witnessing in this country. The stain of dishonour being spread upon all those that wear and have worn the uniform (let alone DIED in it) by this CPC government in this and how it has tried to deny any problems ever since it came to power and clearly either lied or was too incompetent/indifferent to know anything about what was going on fills me with rage. One of my grandfathers was a doc in WWII and ended up running a major Veterans hospital afterwards for a couple f decades. You cannot *BEGIN * to know just how upset I am becoming over this particular issue.

    They keep bringing up the Liberals signed the agreement they were using, yet forget and seem to think Canadians will forget that it was singed in Dec 2005 during the election campaign and therefore it is the CPC government which was the one actually responsible for its implementation, verification, and correcting of any problems for all but the first 5-6 weeks from the day it was signed. This *IS* their mess, this is not just a political scandal but something far more serious, and this government and PM is choosing to hide behind those in uniform to dodge questions about it.

    This PM and Minister of Defence place our soldiers in a position of having to either refuse an illegal order (not a small thing for any military person to ever do, and it invariably brings major consequences to the rest of your career in the military, if you still have one at all by the end of it) or carry it out and end up facing charges of violating Geneva protections down the road, charges they would lose given the clear level of awareness of the high risk of torture in Afghani prisons to this day. That is how much our CPC government, it’s leader and those that follow him truly “love” our military, with nothing but contempt and total disregard/appreciation for military culture, rules/laws, and most especially *HONOUR*!!!

  7. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I agree they may have put some of our troops in a precarious position. I notice the ones who got stuck with the wrap in Iraq on torture were always front line troops not high brass. Sad.

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