Suzuki Calls It

suzuki.jpgSuzuki calls the Con greenhouse gas plan a sham.

If your looking for something to do, head on over to CTV and check out their online poll. CTV wants to know if the Con plan is tough enough.

Canada’s newest plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions will be much too little and too late, environmentalists said Thursday.

Meanwhile oil sands developers were dancing a jig yesterday when they learned the Cons would do nothing to curb the expansion of new projects until after they were up and running and polluting for 3 years.

The Conservative government has signalled that it won’t let its climate change plan derail aggressive oil sands expansion, exempting new projects from greenhouse gas emission targets until three years after they are up and running.


5 thoughts on “Suzuki Calls It

  1. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! I been hearin’ some pundidiots sayin’ this plan must be good on accounta it’s gettin’ bad reviews from both treehuggers an’ anti-Earthers.

    It ain’t, though.

    It’s gettin’ panned by treehuggers but, just like yer sayin’, industry thinks it’s okay. O’ course they do! It’s givin’ a free pass to new tar sands development fer 3 years an’ they’re in the midst of a major expansion that’ll see all sortsa unregulated new development over the next three years.

    Lizzie May called it a plan fer climate disaster. I ain’t heard a single treehuggin’ green-thinkin’ Earth-lovin’ environmentalist who sez this is a good plan. Buzz Hargrove likes it, though.


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