Mustard Gives Up and It’s not the Size of your Toys

j04037381.jpgFamous Canadian, early childhood guru, Dr. Fraser Mustard got my attention today with this Hamilton Spectator article where he calls some parents “gawdawful”. I have admired Dr. Mustard’s work since he first published the Early Years Report in 1999. He is a great Canadian researcher and early childhood advocate. Today he announces that he has,

“given up” on Canada getting early childhood education right — during his lifetime, at least.

Dr. Mustard has turned to helping Mexico and Australia focus on the preschool years to help prevent problems down the road. I guess you can’t blame him for giving up on Canada. We are a very rich country, but the Con government purposely chooses to decimate Canadian early childhood programs. Harper’s slash and burn early childhood development policies must be a real kick in the teeth for someone like Mustard who understands deeply the importance of early childhood experiences on the brain’s development.

Don’t give up on us yet Dr. Mustard. Canadian families need early learning and child care and we are one election from getting it done! We have to keep our spirits high and our voices loud and clear.

I also found this interesting BBC news article that shows its not the quantity/quality of toys and books a child has in the home that benefits their development, but the quality of their interactions with their family.

Babies do not benefit in the long run from just having stimulating toys to play with, researchers say.


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