A New, Even Lower Level of Conservative Hypocrisy

fortier2.jpgJust when I thought the Con level of hypocrisy and deception couldn’t possibly go any lower, CTV news confirms today I am totally wrong about this. A whole new level has definitely arrived.

While the Conservatives lead an investigation into polling commissioned by previous governments, the prime minister’s own department failed to publicly disclose public-opinion research it conducted within ethnic communities last year. Depositing reports of all public-opinion research with Library and Archives Canada is one of the mandatory provisions in the government’s Federal Accountability Act.

So while the Cons have been leading a bogus, in-proper witch hunt into past Liberal polling practises they are engaging in this very act themselves. The CBC’s Rex Murphy says it best when the Con investigation into past Lib polling was announced last month.

So an appointed senator appoints an ex-P.Q. cabinet minister to do a solo investigation into mainly how the federalist Liberals have conducted polls, many of the said polls having been conducted during one of the great referendum showdowns between those same federal Liberals and the separatist Parti Québécois.

Mr. Fortier has worked on Mr. Harper’s leadership campaign, worked as co-chair of the Tories’ two national campaigns in 2004 and 2006. His current status as a senator and as a cabinet member is probably as good an example of reward politics, patronage and cronyism as anything that the Chrétien years has to offer. Daniel Payette, the investigator being called on board to search out the dark ways of the previous government polling, is an interesting choice too. He is a former separatist cabinet minister from Quebec.

Doesn’t this seem a little off beam to anybody?

Just when you think they can’t go any lower…….the Cons surprise us all once again.


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