Dion’s BBQ Summer

bbq.jpgI found this article at the National Post by Don Martin “Called a Nice Guy Waiting to be Discovered” offering some tips to Dion on remaking his image. He notes that Dion, like Harper in 2005, is embarking on a summer BBQ circuit .

It’s painfully slow, but progress is noted in Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s oft-panned performance as he plots an image upgrade and personal outreach tour across Canada this summer

Coincidentally, I received a phone call yesterday about a BBQ with Dion next week on Victoria Day at the Saanich Fair Grounds in Victoria. I am looking forward to attending and reporting on what Dion has to say.


6 thoughts on “Dion’s BBQ Summer

  1. s. brown says:

    Hello…looking forward to your report. I will also be attending the barbecu on Victoria Day. By the way, I met you at the luncheon for Ken Dryden some weeks ago…sitting at your table 2 chairs away. Enjoy your blog…keep it up.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I will see you again at the BBQ S Brown. I hope the weather is nice. Really looking forward to a long weekend.

    Your welcome Robedger. It was good to see the article in the NP.

  3. Blackstar says:

    If you get a chance, will you ask him about this —>

    CNN- Lou Dobbs Outs Those Involved in N. American Union

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