Cons: Human Rights Hypocrites

bushharper.jpgToday I found another interesting article by Murray Dobbin,

when it comes to international human rights either enshrined in the UN Charter or the Geneva Convention, Harper has shown disdain.

We are being subjected to incessant, ever creative Con/Harper’s smoke shows (h/t to Far and Wide) that try redirect Canadian attention to the importance of human rights in countries that Bush wants to make war against. The polls show the Cons vastly underestimate the intelligence of Canadians. We see right through the US and National Con spun double talk.

Dobbin discusses the effect of the Harper hammer on the progress of women’s rights in Canada; noting the Con’s massive cuts to womens equality. Meanwhile my extreme frustration with this government on women’s issues was immediately increased after I viewed this government of Canada logo (h/t to unrepententoldhippie) on a pro-life march sign. Canadians by a vast majority are not anti-choice and this “new” government has no right to sponsor sign production for anti-choice wing nuts.

Canadian government sponsored pro-life march signs are far more blatant statements of neo-Con ideology than those REAL women fruitcakes (h/t to Slap Upside the Head) apologizing on my behalf for the legalization of same sex marriage in Canada. I admit it still infuriates me to think about how these REAL Women misrepresented my feelings and opinion on this issue on the world stage. They had absolutely no right to do this.

I think the Cons are continuing the process of hanging themselves (h/t to eaves) with the public. That government sponsored pro-life sign will make an excellent commercial snapshot during the next election campaign to show just how right wing the Cons really are. The fact is the logo is on the sign, and it is being displayed right in front of the parliament buildings. What more evidence is required here? Where are the police with their handcuffs if it’s a fabrication of this government’s position?


9 thoughts on “Cons: Human Rights Hypocrites

  1. Canuck Politics says:

    Murray Dobbin’s article is full of factual inaccuracies, such as the claim that harper called the allegations of abuse “baseless accusations”. In fact, Harper said the Opposition made baseless accusations when they claimed that the government didn’t have access to deatinees and were knowingly handing detainees over for torture. The Opposition twisted this around. See the whole debate and links to other primary source material here:

    The goernment didn’t fund the pro-life group, as Suzanne already mentioned. The banner has had the Canada wordmark for 5 years, so if it ended up on the banner due to any funding, then that happened under the Liberals. Anyway, the Tories well-documented policy is to go nowhere near the abortion issue.

    There is no real reason to question the Conservative’s commitment to human rights. Fundemental freedoms and individual rights are the bedrock of conservative ideology after all.

    It seems to me this is just more wedge politics and spin on the part of the Liberals. Expect more of this. The only way the Conservatives will gain more support is by being more inclusive, the only way the Liberals can stop them is by driving wedges to divide people, communities and special interests. They’ll focus on issues that will win crucial seats in Quebec – so that means Kyoto, Afghanistan, official languages, and yes, abortion.

    I think we all have to look closer to the source and try to ignore the spin coming from all sides. That’s the only way our politicians will ever abandon the spin and allow a more meaningful debate.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Ok I am certainly not going to take “Suzanne’s” or your word for it. And I certainly have not seen any evidence except that the logo is on the sign. If the neo cons got a majority you can bet abortion would be illegal as fast as they could make it so. The sponsorship of this banner/event backs that up.

  3. Canuck Politics says:

    There are scarcely 12 Conservative MP’s that identify themselves as pro-life, and that’s a long stretch from voting to make abortion illegal. The party would ever allow it. They did NOT sponsor the pro-rights group, that is a matter of public record. The only ones trying to open the abortion debate are the opposition. Disgusting.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Maybe they should stop sponsoring pro life marches/banners then if its such a stretch. Your arguments are hilarious. Hard to defend something right in front of the public’s face…but by all means…keep trying.

  5. Canuck Politics says:

    I’m just pointing out factual inaccuracies in your arguments. I’m interested in the truth of the situation, not spin. It is an undisputed fact that the government has NEVER funded pro-life groups. Believe what you want, but you’re simply wrong, even according to the Globe and Mail

    It is also a fact that there is not enough support for making abortion illegal in the House of Commons, even when you take pro-life supporters from the Liberal party into account. This “issue” has been constructed by certain people and political parties who are twisting the truth in order attack the Conservative Party. They open up old divisions in society on an issue that has long been put to rest, and then people like you call women who disagree “fruitcakes”. I happen to agree with your position on abortion, but I try to respect those who disagree, and I don’t think it is appropriate for political parties to play games with abortion. What ever happened to tollerance? I guess you’re no more interested in tollerance than the truth.

  6. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    I disagree. Abortion is a very contentious topic. I could easily see us going down the path of the US to lessen women’s rights. As for your article…it doesnt say the Globe and Mail says…its says,

    “Jim Hughes, head of Campaign Life Coalition, said the annual protest against abortion has never received federal funding and that the government was in no way involved in this year’s event”.

    There is a difference.

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