Cons Try to Stop Trial That Could Provide Day-light on Insider Candidacy Deals

gavel.jpgThe Globe and Mail is reporting that the Cons are trying to stop a trial from taking place that may reveal the dirty details of insider candidacy deals. The Globe and Mail reports,

The federal Conservative Party will try to halt a trial Tuesday that could shed light on the deals that paved the way for the candidacies of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Public Works Minister Stockwell Day after they became leader of the former Canadian Alliance.

Personally I would appreciate a little more light on this subject after the RCMP dismissed allegations that Day/Cons had offered a pay off to the Kelowna Conservative Alliance MP Jim Hart for his seat. I was not convinced of Day’s innocence at all by the RCMP’s dismissal of this case. We have all viewed the fax document that provides monetary details about how much Jim Hart expected from Day/Cons out of the deal.

It’s hard to dismiss these allegations as false when evidence is right in front of your face in black and white. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and it’s been smoldering for awhile now. It’s time to bring this issue out into the Day-light.


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