Unfortunately Canadians Will Have to Wait for their NeoCon Decline

bushblair.jpgHere is an interesting article in the UK’s Times Online stating we are now in the decline and fall of the neocon era.

As Tony Blair was bidding farewell to President George W Bush in the Rose Garden on Thursday, the World Bank was preparing to kick out Paul Wolfowitz as president. Allies to the left and right in the Iraq war were falling by the wayside that day.

All fine and good for America which only has a little more than a year before they can kick Bush’s butt out of the White House. Britain is in the dying days of their Blair-led government (militarily conservative); but here in Canada we are looking at the possibility of almost 3 more years of ineptitude and childish tantrum throwing from our government. A bitter pill to swallow for Canadians who are notorious for their irritability and unforgiving attitudes when they smell poor government practise (h/t While the Earth Burns).


3 thoughts on “Unfortunately Canadians Will Have to Wait for their NeoCon Decline

  1. Tony Carson says:

    The timing is exquisite, isn’t it? At just about the very moment the Neocons in the States completely invalidate themselves, we elect a clone. And, predictably, as we watch the aberrance disintigrate south of the border, we must endure for some time its legacy here at home. Wasn’t this all predictable? Didn’t we have the Mulroney-Regan template?

    Reacting to things American allow us a peephole into our future. We really should use it more wisely.

  2. Oldschool says:

    Did you see the latest poll in the US today . . . .

    Bush 33%

    Demo Congress 28%

    I’d say you live in the same dream world as Pelosi and Reid . . . and of course Layton and Dion . . . who think tea with terrorists is all that it takes . . .

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