Con Government Out of Bad Ideas: Election Required

bad.jpgThe National Post says that we need an election soon and I couldn’t agree more.

On the surface, it might not seem as if a government briefing book on thwarting opposition members at committee hearings, a Teamsters’ strike against CP Rail, threats of a summer of native protests, the big-spending federal budget and the Tories’ green plan have much in common. Yet all are symptoms of the country’s political and policy drift as the Conservatives’ minority enters its 16th month. The normal lifespan of a Parliamentary minority is just 18 months. As the government of Stephen Harper nears that milestone, the frays are beginning to show.

While I believe that an election is needed, the NP article is also way off base as it praises Harper’s measly, ridiculous child care payments as an effective alternative to the Liberal’s child care system. The editorial board is totally ignoring the fact that Con child care policies have done less than nothing to help parents find and access affordable child care in this country. I think NP reporting overall is becoming more balanced, but they still lean towards promoting laughable, conservative propaganda. I suggest if they want to report on the truth of the effects of the Con child care plan they should begin by reading local newspapers across the country that speak to the shortage of child care, the rising costs, and lack of access complaints from parents across the country. Obviously the NP is choosing to see only what it wants to see on this issue.

In addition, the NP is calling Harper on his continued aversion to answering questions posed by the press. The NP says Harper’s need for complete and total control is damaging the Cons chances of being re-elected.

Yet the PMO refused to accommodate the army brass’s request. The obvious question is why? Embedded journalists posed no security risk and were the guests of the military. Could it be that the Prime Minister’s staff did not want embedded journalists at any events because they might ask questions he did not want to answer?

No wonder they are having trouble attracting creative minds to work for them. I wouldn’t want want to have an association with the development of this government’s policies on my resume either.

They in fact believed the media should tell their stories as they dictated them, a view that speaks to another problem Conservatives don’t talk much about — their inability to attract top minds to work for the government and its ministers.

Intelligent people figured out six months ago that the Cons are only here for a short time…not a long time.


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