Summer Forecast: More War

obama.jpgCanWest reports,

the Canadian Forces are making plans to stay in Afghanistan beyond the current February 2009 deadline approved by Parliament, the army’s senior commander on the ground here said yesterday.

I thought the article was interesting because I don’t recall a vote allowing this extension in the House of Commons. Is Harper saving this particular can of worms for fall then? Canadians do not see Afghanistan as a 10-15 year project and polls show we want the troops home by 2009. It seems we are in agreement with the Germans on this issue.

When I heard the Dems voted for the Iraq bill with no timetable my first thought was the US needs a new strong 3rd progressive party because the Dems are not looking much different than the Republicans nowadays. Unfortunately this is not the answer because splitting the progressive vote is never going to win the White House back to progressives.

One small positive note is both Clinton, Obama and most other Dem front runners voted no on the Iraq war funding bill. It’s a good thing because if either had voted yes they would not have had a chance at winning the Democratic nomination process. I guess it helps the Dems save some face (but not much).

This bill should never have been approved without a timetable. To try to separate money and war (e.g withdrawing funds will hurt the troops versus keeping them in Iraq will kill the troops) is not possible (h/t Carson’s Post). How is continuing to fund an illegal war supporting the troops?


4 thoughts on “Summer Forecast: More War

  1. foottothefire says:

    It’s long past time for someone in authority to start asking the USA (read, George) what their plans are.
    We are there presumably in response to 9-11; that’s what was sold to get us there. Since George clearly has other plans, why aren’t we talking about leaving?
    Every authority on the subject (that’d exclude your political song and dance men, far too many unqualified journalists, most Generals, virtually every Conservative politician (George fans, don’t you know) and, not a few Liberal ones, too) has predicted long term disaster by staying in a country created by a Limey stroke on a map that divided a tribe of people who will soon be joining one another in an full blown uprising.
    Forget about Pakistan as an ally and don’t count too much on Karzi and the thugs, gunsels, drug dealers and ‘pals’ he’s created a government with. Either of those bastards (collectively speaking) will turn on there mothers at this stage of the game. Now if George wants to come back with his really big war machine to add to the little one he left behind, maybe we got something to talk about…..not likely, just maybe.
    We need to get the hell out of there and let Steve the Rooster know crowing like a cock on the barn at dawn really didn’t impress anyone in the world so maybe we should just go back to being Canada the sissy, pansy peace maker.

  2. Tory@York says:

    Sorry, but I can’t agree with your interpretation of the plans the CF are making for a longer period in Afghanistan. Its responsible planning for future eventualities, thats it. Yes, the mission expires in 2009, but we have absolutely no idea whether circumstances will change in the future, and the mission could be extended in respose by whichever government is in power in 2009. Surely you would agree that it would be irresponsible for all involved if absolutely no plans or forethought was made until the final deadline? If that were the case, and the mission was extended by whoever, the lack of planning would be disasterous.

  3. Steve V says:

    That’s fine, if the military is making contingency plans to stay beyond the mandate. Prudence aside, the revelation directly contradicts all the Tory answers in QP, wherein any question about 2009 is met with, we haven’t even discussed that, too far off, it’s 2007, blah, blah, blah. It would appear that the government isn’t being completely truthful on that score. If the military needs time, then why is that different for the government, as it relates to our commitment?

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