Cons Cruel Cuts to Child Care Endangering the Health and Saftey of Canadian Children

j0402167.jpgThe Star has published a worrisome article on abuse in daycare programs in Ontario. The article targets a lack of funding as a prime contributor to the problem as the Harper government has slashed funding to child care and early education programs across this country. Dangerous cracks are beginning to show and it is the for-profit centres that are having the most difficult time, racking up the worst health and safety records in the province.

Of the nearly 4,400 licensed daycares in Ontario, 78 per cent are non-profit and the remaining 22 per cent are for-profit centres.

The Cons had plenty of money to dish out in the last budget and they deliberately excluded children. Parents will not forget how the Cons have decimated the quality of child care and early learning services for children the next time we go to the polls. It’s time to get very angry because to allow them to continue on this path of careless destruction endangers the health and safety of our children.

The Conservative government’s decision to scrap funding for a national daycare program in favour of direct payments to families has failed to address what child care advocates call a “mounting social problem.””We’re not even in the game,” says Martha Friendly, a child-care advocate and co-ordinator of the Toronto-based Childcare Research and Resource Unit. “We’re the lowest spender, which shows how much value we place on it.” The chronic shortage of daycare spots leaves parents with little choice. Nearly 17,000 families are on waiting lists in Ontario – nearly 9,000 in Toronto alone.

I recently posted an article on the situation in BC with 2000 families now on one waitlist for a child care space in Vancouver. The situation has become critical country wide.



4 thoughts on “Cons Cruel Cuts to Child Care Endangering the Health and Saftey of Canadian Children

  1. wilson61 says:

    from the article:
    ”The Star obtained the records – which relate to the last three years – following a series of freedom of information requests that took more than two years.”

    Either the Star requested records in 2004 for 2002, 03 & 04, or they began the search in 2004, it took until 2007 to get results on the years from 2004-2006.
    Either way, being as the Libs childcare funding was up and running and extended until March 2007, the funding problem pre-dates the Conservatives taking the Government.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    The problem is getting rapidly worse. The Liberals injected a lot of dollars into child care to prevent problems like these and the Cons apparently just don’t give a crap if they have moved our country to last place among the OECD countries in terms of funding for children and early learning. Do you honestly believe an almost billion dollar cut has made things better? Time to get your head out of the clouds.

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