Progressive Bloggers Enjoying the Sun or Is There an Echo in Here?

j0423020.jpgI found this article at Agoravox noting that during the past two months there has been a change of pace in the blog postings published by the progressive blogosphere in Canada. Moreover, some people are obviously taking close notes on blog content and on the recent progressive blogger dust- ups (small though they may be).

I just assumed that it was because lots of bloggers are college and university students like me who get full time jobs in the summer to pay the bills. I know my last class ended just under 2 months ago. After working hard all day the sun beckons us out to play. According to Agoravox it’s not work, the lack of an election on the immediate horizon, sun or fun that may have changed the blogosphere during the past two months. It could be something much more insidious…..blogroll echo syndrome.

over the past two months or so, there has been a noticeable drop in volume, and some bloggers have even stopped contributing their posts to aggregators on a regular basis, such as the Canadian Blog Exchange, which, it seems, is fed new articles only by a handful of faithful and assiduous contributors these days. All this begs the question: What is happening to the political blogosphere in Canada?


12 thoughts on “Progressive Bloggers Enjoying the Sun or Is There an Echo in Here?

  1. Scott Tribe says:

    One only needs to read who the author of that piece is – Werner Patels – and any that know his history of blogging knows he has absolutely no credibility whatsoever in commenting on the blogosphere.

  2. Scott Tribe says:

    Well… that’s an understatement. Considering he either is banned or removed himself from the Blogging Tories, Liblogs, Progressive Bloggers AND The Non-Partisan Alliance… one can see why he takes the cheapshots at the Canadian blogospshere that he does. He also is vastly overrating the angst at Progressive Bloggers as well, as we have not had mass resignations of affiliates as he is implying.

  3. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Very true Jason. It looks like a European online paper.
    Google reads Vive le Canada as online news choice but it doesn’t read Progressive Bloggers as a google search in the “news category”….or Liblogs or the Blogging Tories for that matter.
    Why is that? How is Vive le Canada different than Progressive Bloggers? I have nothing against Vive le Canada (VlC) either….I read plenty of article there. But the rules for Vive le canada are basically the same as PB. PB has diaries like VlC. Here are the rules for VlC,
    “To post to the site, just sign up for a free membership/user account and then hit submit.”
    It makes one wonder how these decisions are made at google? Confusing. Thanks for visiting Jason. I enjoyed your post pro- Israel/pro-Palestine post the other day.

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