Ethanol Craze Increasing US Dairy Prices

j0409579.jpgMSNBC is reporting that the incredibly ignorant, government sponsored ethanol craze (worldwide) is driving dairy prices through the roof in the US. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of this very serious problem and it will affect a great many more countries than just the US. The rapid expansion of production of biofuels is going to lead to skyrocketing prices in food products worldwide.

Dairy market forecasters are warning that consumers can expect a sharp increase in dairy prices this summer. By June, the milk futures market predicts, the price paid to farmers will have increased 50 percent this year — driven by higher costs of transporting milk to market and increased demand for corn to produce ethanol.

Forget about putting monthly payments into an RRSP, or saving for a house as more and more of our savings will go to putting basic healthy food items on the table. Effectively we are trading our low food prices for what? Higher and higher gas prices increases that are just going to keep going up anyways? Exactly what are we winning here?

According to Environment Canada, ethanol is no better for the environment than regular gas so what is the point of continuing down this fruitless and dangerous path? Our food prices will skyrocket to satisfy our never ending thirst for oil. Get ready to spend a lot more of your paycheck on your basic grocery bill.


6 thoughts on “Ethanol Craze Increasing US Dairy Prices

  1. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! I’m a green and a Green. I been sayin’ ethanol is a dumbass excuse fer green stuff fer years. The bigass commodities dealers (ADM, Cargill, etc.) and the US grain lobby have bamboozled the publick on ethanol.

    At best, ethanol is GHG neutral. However, it is not netral in its affect on worldwide grain prices, hence food prices. The predictable eventual exposure of how the bigass push for ethanol turned out to do nuthin’ fer ol’ Mother Earth an’ pushed more pore folks deeper into poverty will be used as evidence that green actions and alternative fuels are not worthwhile and even counter-productive.

    Bio-deisel is better — much better — but I fear it will be discarded after bad experiences with ethanol.

    The troublem is that the big guys (Bush, Harper) wasted so much time denyin’ AGW that we’re now in panic mode and rushin’ inta what may or may not be good green actions.

    Ethanol bad, bio-deisel good.


  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Thanks for coming and commenting JimBobby. I read your blog all the time. I can’t believe they (Harper/Bush) went into it not knowing. The research and the warnings were right there in front of them and they chose to ignore them both.

  3. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! Money talks with them free marketeers. Back in teh denial phase, big money was all fer denial. Now, big money sees big profits in green stuff and so-called green stuff. I ain’t against makin’ money an’ I reckon there’s plenty o’ revenue generatin’ good green stuff but ethanol’s just a scam by the same bigass financiers as was backin’ big oil.

    Thankee fer the visits to my little boog.


  4. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! Them’s some interestin’ figgers. I reckon that tells us that alt fuels ain’t the whole answer. Reduction of demand and efficiency are key elements, too.

    Current use levels can be brought down with hybrid vehicles and with things like the 100 mile diet. I reckon petrofuel use would drop a whole lot if there weren’t a buncha jet fighters, helicopter gunships, battleships, aircraft carriers, troop transport planes, humvees, Leopard tanks an’ pryministerial limousines burnin’ up gas like it’s 1955.

    I met a friend last night while Ma an’ I were out walkin’ ol’ Spot. My friend’s about 55-60 (like me). He was ridin’ a power-assisted electric/pedal-powered bicycle. We talked a spell. He sez he drives it to work every day when the weather’s good. Drivin’ the car takes him 20 minutes. Riding/drivin’ the electric bike takes an hour an’ five minutes. He charges it up while he’s workin’ an’ it has enough juice to get him back home in the afternoon.

    There’s more to it than switchin’ to alt-fuels, I reckon, but it ain’t impossible.


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