Fortunately She Wasn’t at the Window in Her Underwear

j0428640.jpgAbsolutely unbelievable how closely google maps can now zero in on a person’s privacy. The woman in this article was shocked to see her cat in full view in her front window.

She typed in her address and the screen showed a street-level view of her building. As she zoomed in, she could see Monty, her cat, sitting on a perch in the living room window of her second-floor apartment.

I tried street view myself and I found another fluffy cat in a window and then I realized I can make out car models, license plates (numbers are still blurry), sex, hair colour, clothing, and how many cups are on a table.

I went to several places including 10 Market St, San Francisco. When did people in the US sign up for this kind of camera monitoring service? These truly are Orwellian times. Freaky!!


5 thoughts on “Fortunately She Wasn’t at the Window in Her Underwear

  1. Nobody in particular says:

    All this and still CIDA nor Canada’s New Government(TM) can’t show the ordinary Canadian all the hospitals, schools, roads and food banks that are improving Afghani life.
    What’s up with that?

  2. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! I reckon if you want privacy, there ain’t nuthin’ too new or high tech about closin’ the curtains or pullin’ down the blinds. Sounds like this is good news fer flashers an’ exhibitionists.

  3. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    Well they say they made an effort to keep women’s shelter’s out of the views of people’s houses. I think planning a robbery/crime from a distance just got much easier for those lucky folks whose homes are spotlighted in the cameras.

  4. JimBobby says:

    Whooee! Good point on the burglary angle. I ain’t sure if they’ll be makin’ “street view” available fer my little burg but I’m usually close the drapes at night, anyways. I reckon I maybe oughta move my priceless artwork and money bags away from the windows.

    The burglary thing was a topic fer real estate websites recently. Burglars were window shoppin’ online and real estate agents have been advised not to advertise with photos showing valuable artwork or antiques.

    As I understand US and Canajun privacy laws, photos taken from a public vantage point are protected. Somebuddy can stand on the public sidewalk and legally take (and publish) pitchers of private dwellings and buildings. If somebuddy can see your house from their house but it can’t be seen from a public viewpoint, that person cannot legally publish photographs taken from the private vantage point. Think high-rises and telephoto lenses.

    I figger privacy laws all got a lotta catchin’ up to do in the wake of all the latest technology. Just like copyright laws.

    BTW, I can see my house on Google Earth but I can tell the photo is a couple years old. Fer my section of SW Ontariariario, the Google pitchers is high resolution but you can’t see stuff like license plates or pussycats.


  5. Woman at Mile 0 says:

    True JB but one person is taking that photo and viewing that photo..I suppose they could show it to their friends or post it online and more could access it….but this is so much bigger…its huge. I find it totally creepy.

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