Dion Growing More Dynamic as Each Month Passes

dion51.jpgThere is an article in the Globe and Mail today discussing Diebels new book, Against the Current. It also describes the Liberals as confounded by the Conservative advertising attempts to portray Dion as wimpy. Personally, I have yet to see a Conservative attack ad except through CBC news-bites discussing them, but I also don’t watch much television. I prefer the Internet and movie rentals as my primary sources of entertainment and information. As a compulsive multi-tasker, when I do watch television I usually flip to something else when the commercials show up anyways.

The Globe and Mail writes,

Trudeau was fundamentally an actor who learned how to be an academic. Dion, he argued, is an academic who must now learn to be an actor.

I think Conservatives implying Dion is a wimp is quite ironic considering their years of being led by the very nerdy, Preston Manning. When I was supporting Rae for Liberal leader, my main concern about Dion was his ability to use the English language to touch/move Western voters.

I have seen Dion in person now and he has come a long way since the Liberal leadership convention. His English has improved dramatically in just a short time. Give it a few more months and he will be a powerful force when the next election is called. My partner, an avid fisherman was not aware of Dion’s keen interest in sports fishing and he says he would go fishing with Dion anytime. I think the Cons will soon regret not forcing an early election in the Spring of 2007 because Dion is getting better and better as each month passes.


11 thoughts on “Dion Growing More Dynamic as Each Month Passes

  1. knb says:

    Have you read her book? It’s a quick read but certainly gave me much more insight into who this man is.

    What occurred to me while reading it was, “no wonder the con’s are trying to define him. If Canadians get to know him, they’ll soon realise just how much more of a leader he is than Harper.”

    I think you’re right about them being sorry an election wasn’t called, though I shudder at the prospect of even nastier attacks on Dion.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    He will have to face them no matter what when an election is called but time definitely seems to be an advantage for him. I have not read the book though. I am still reading Bob Woodward’s State of Denial.

  3. Steve V says:

    Okay, this is COMPLETELY off topic, but you did mention fishing. Has your partner ever fished the Stamp River in Port Alberni? I was lucky enough to be at the falls one year(around Labour Day), when 100000 coho salmon arrived, joining thousands of chinooks and pinks, and it was the most spectacular thing I’ve witnessed. My wife and I spent 4 days there, it was absolutely mesmerizing watching the fish try to migrate those falls in the beautiful, crystal clear green water. What an amazing place.

  4. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    Oh no we have not been up the island that far yet. Sounds amazing. I have seen the Adams river run from many different points of the journey. It is a wonderous sight. If you see a ton of cars parked along the river in spots in BC you know that’s what people are looking at.

  5. Lance says:

    To continue the thread drift:

    I lived in Victoria for a few years and the run there was amazing. Head up the Mallahat Hwy to 10 Mile and the park just on the other side. I swear the river turns red from the salmon.

    Few years ago a winger and I went into the BC interior for a hiking trip. Totally forget where this was, but around Fort Steele, Kimberly, Ainsworth area. Anyway, there was a creek, in the middle of a spawn. Apparently they were land-locked salmon doing the run but the spawn never gets back to sea. _That_ was impressive. They were much smaller than normal salmon, but because there were so many in such a small area it was crazy.

    On topic:
    I’ve argued many times that all Dion needs is time. The minority gov’t is actually a bad thing for the Libs. Having said that, if this is his english getting better . . . oh my.


  6. knb says:

    Lance, his english has improved greatly, (not that I ever really had a proble with it). If your only exposure to it is QP, well I guess I could understand your reaction. Wait till summers end, I expect even you will see a difference.

  7. Steve V says:


    They call those salmon kokanee and they are beautiful. Once upon a time, I lived about an hour north of Kimberley in a town call Windermere 🙂


    A must see, plus you get to go through the Catherdral Grove on the hwy.

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