Algae Bloom around Vancouver Island?

I am wondering if there is another atypical algae bloom around Vancouver Island? I took these pictures yesterday at Gyro beach and honestly the water was bright green. Usually the water is fairly clear and much more bluish in colour at this beach. At least clear enough that I would put my feet into the water on most sunny days. No one was touching the water yesterday.



5 thoughts on “Algae Bloom around Vancouver Island?

  1. The Galloping Beaver says:

    Actually, it may be a result of the increased freshette from the Fraser River. That would spawn a greenish brown algae as well.

    Although… it could be an annual event… a warm water algae bloom of phytoplankton.

    Either way, it’s not good.

  2. The Mound of Sound says:

    We’ve had strange discoloration in Qualicum too. It’s been a dull orange colour and has persisted for a couple of days.

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