Nurses Talk About Sicko (Video)


5 thoughts on “Nurses Talk About Sicko (Video)

  1. knb says:

    Looks interesting. I feel for the american’s. They have been sold such a bill of goods on so many issues.

    Apparently, this movie and Moore aren’t being attacked as they were in the past. I’m not entirely sure why, but that seems hopeful anyway.

  2. Woman At Mile 0 says:

    When I heard her say they need to change the whole system ….well good luck to that. As soon as someone tries to change something for the better in the US…private health care comes out with millions and millions in advertising to scare seniors into believing its bad for the country and they will have no choice anymore. I am not saying all US seniours or citizens are that gullible but the fact is…plenty of them are.

  3. knb says:

    I’m not sure I’d use the term gullible, but I take your point.

    I’d say frightened and lacking in any other information, that is easily accessible. Sad really.

    Now that there is acceptance for this movie, watch the Dem’s pick up the issue. Overall, I agree, “good luck with that”, none the less, I hope it moves just a little bit. How against those lobby groups? I’m just not sure.

  4. knb says:

    I remember it too. I’m hoping the water is chest deep, they are parched and they can’t help themselves.

    Hope reigns eternal.

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