Canada Gets Another F

j0400180.jpgWell Harper and Co. just received another F on international measurement scales. This time it’s for our pitiful progress on climate change. The CBC reports,

“Canada is joining the United States as the worst performer on climate change,” Julia Langer, a spokeswoman for WWF Canada, said at a press conference in Ottawa.

I don’t know why I am surprised by these results considering the Cons regressive policies. I guess I am not used to watching Canada come out at the bottom of the pack on these important social issues. Just last month we learned we had fallen from 5th to 25th on the international children’s index; a direct result of the Con’s cuts to child care and early learning.

Now we are only just ahead of Bush and Co on climate change and the US never even signed the Kyoto accord like Canada did (h/t Jason Cherniak). Canada has gone back on its word on the most important issue of our time. Unfortunately it looks like nothing is going to change soon either. After listening to the Con spun drivel coming out of the G8 conference it looks like the Cons plan to waste another 2 years continuing to do nothing on climate change.


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